The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Christmas Lights: Expert Advice

When the holidays are over, it’s time to put away the tree and lights until next December. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, putting away your Christmas lights can be a major hassle. Keep your Christmas lights in pristine condition for next year’s celebrations by following the guidelines we’ve laid forth in this post.

DO: Unplug and inspect your lighting system before putting it away
Be cautious to untangle your lights before packing them away to avoid any potential disasters. It may take some time, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re ready to use them again. Also, make sure none of your lighting has any burned-out bulbs, frayed wires, or other damage that could compromise safety. Fix any problems before putting something away.

DON’T: Keep lights out of their original boxes.
Although it may be tempting, you shouldn’t keep your Christmas lights in their original packaging. Long-term storage in these containers may result in lights becoming tangled or crushed. Instead, you should buy Christmas light storage containers like plastic bins or reels. The lights can be stored safely and securely in these containers.

The Dos and Don'ts of Storing Christmas Lights Expert Advice

DO Make Sure You Label Your Storage Units
If you want to keep your holiday decorations in order, you must label your storage containers. This is especially true while putting away Christmas lights, as doing so will make redecorating much easier. Label it clearly with the strand count and individual strand lengths. This will help you save money on lighting you won’t need and simplify your decoration plans.

DON’T: keep lights in damp or extremely hot places.
Rust, corrosion, and even melting can occur on your lights if the humidity or temperature is too high or too low. Lights should be kept in a cold, dry place like a basement, attic, or closet. A dehumidifier or air conditioner can help you keep your lights in the ideal storage conditions, especially if you live in a location with high humidity or harsh temperatures.

DO: Lights should be properly wrapped
Wrapping your lights properly can save them from getting tangled and damaged. A cable reel is a useful tool for this purpose. The cord reel will prevent your lights from becoming tangled and disorganized, making next year’s decorating a breeze. Lights can also be wrapped in cardboard or plastic and secured with tape or rubber bands.

DON’T: wrap your presents in newspaper or paper towels.
Wrapping your lights in newspaper or paper towels, while convenient, can actually damage them. If you read the newspaper in front of your lights, the ink may transfer and stain them. Lights wrapped in paper towels might become stuck together, making it difficult to remove them. Wrap your lights in cloth or bubble wrap, or use a dedicated bag or reel designed for storing lights.

DO: Keep your flashlights away from potential danger.
Put your lights away in a secure location to avoid any mishaps. Keep lights out of the reach of children and pets, and away from any moisture or direct sunlight that could damage them. Keep your storage units in a safe, protected area to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.

DON’T: Refrain from Plugging Too Much Stuff Into Your Outlets
Use the right electrical outlets and don’t overload them when redecorating. Damage to your lights, electrical fires, and other dangers may result from overloading. When deciding how many strands to connect and how much power to supply, always refer to the product’s manual.


To ensure that your Christmas lights are in good working order for next year’s celebration, appropriate storage is a must. Lights may be kept tangle-free by according to these guidelines.