The Cost Savings of Using an Electric Patio Heater with Light vs. Gas or Propane Heaters

Gas, propane, and electric patio heaters are just a few of the outdoor heating alternatives available today. Due to their effectiveness and portability, electric patio heaters with lights have become a popular choice. In this piece, we’ll look at how much money you may save by switching to an electric patio heater with lights instead of a gas or propane one.

The Cost Savings of Using an Electric Patio Heater with Light vs. Gas or Propane Heaters

Patio lighting with electric heaters

Lighted electric patio heaters generate heat by infrared radiation, so they’re safe to use even in open air. In addition to looking wonderful, their integrated lighting makes them a useful accessory for any outdoor space.

Save Money

  1. Electric patio heaters with lights are more cost-effective in the long run than their gas or propane counterparts. You can save money on heating costs by switching to electricity instead of gas or propane. In addition to producing the same amount of heat with less energy, electric patio heaters have superior energy efficiency ratings.
  2. Electric patio heaters with lights are more convenient because they don’t need gas or propane to run. You may forget about the high cost and inconvenience of stocking up on petrol.
  3. In comparison to gas or propane heaters, the life expectancy of an electric patio warmer with lights is far higher. They are simpler and less likely to malfunction because they include no moving parts. This can reduce the cost of maintaining your electric patio heater over time by reducing the frequency with which you need to change the bulbs.
  4. Electric patio heaters with lights are lightweight and portable, making them simple to set up in your backyard without the need for expensive or specialized equipment. This allows you to avoid paying the installer any money, as you can set up the heater on your own.

Heaters that use gas or propane

Natural gas or propane is stored in a tank and consumed by the heater to generate heat. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are frequently employed for outdoor heating.


  1. Gas and propane heaters have higher running expenses than their electric patio heater and light counterparts. If you heat your home with gas or propane instead of electricity, you can expect to pay higher heating costs.
  2. Gas and propane heaters have high operating costs since they need fuel to function. It’s not only expensive to keep a supply of fuel in a tank, but it also requires regular purchases.
  3. Gas and propane heaters have a shorter life expectancy compared to patio heaters with electric lights because of the combustion process. They are more prone to failures and repairs due to the higher number of moving components and increased maintenance requirements. This could lead to more frequent, and costly, replacement of your gas or propane heater.
  4. Gas and propane heaters are more costly to install due to the need for a trained specialist. A professional technician’s labor to set up the heater is an additional expense.


When compared to their gas or propane counterparts, electric patio heaters with lights almost always end up being less expensive. They’re simpler to set up, last longer, cost less to run, and don’t need fuel. Gas or propane heaters are more expensive to operate and maintain and are only practical in certain circumstances (such as when there is no access to power). An electric patio heater with light is a practical, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to heat and illuminate your outside space.