Top 10 Richest Rappers in World and their Net Worth 2022

The world of the hip has proved to be lucrative since we have a billionaire. This article lists the top ten best richest rappers in the world whether white or black as long as the lap. Moreover, today’s list of the richest rappers consists of similar old bіgwіgѕ in the game that you know. However, you will also get few ѕurрrіѕеѕ getting in the hierarchy and оthеrѕ mаkіng іt іn G.О.А.Т. This shows that music pays and for you to be richer you have to invest in other businesses aside from music. This is exactly what the richest rapper does.
Most of the top richest rappers in the world have invested in the film, fashion, production, alcohol, and more other industries. The listing below shows the richest rappers with their net worth. This will be attained by calculating their endorsement, earnings, and their various establishments.

#1. Kanye West- Net worth of $1.3 billion

Kanye West

Kanye West is among the most celebrated rappers in history. Moreover, due to his creativity & wide-reaching, his music styles have surpassed the limits. Kanye West is successful in the fashion industry which has also added to his massive net worth. Furthermore, he is also a husband to Kim Kardashian. Kanye West has nine studio albums which have more of those successful multi-platinum & topping charts for months. Additionally, he has sold over 100-million records all over the world which places him among the top richest rappers.
Kanye West has invested well in entrepreneurship. He works together with brands like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Nike, A.P.C, and more others. Other investments that have made Kanye West top the list include KW Foods LLC, Tidal, DONDA, and more others. The wealth of Kanye West grows more every day. However, Kanye west declares himself to be in debt of $53 million. He also appealed to Mark Zuckerberg to offer him $1 billion for funding his projects back in 2022.

#2. Jay-Z – Net worth of $1 billion


Jay-Z is the first hip-hop artist to be a billionaire. Furthermore, Jay-Z is also ranked to be among the top 100 best artists of every time. Moreover, he is a husband to the queen of dance that’s Beyoncé. She is among the world’s best-selling song artists and has sold more than 100-million records in the whole world. In Jan 2022, Jay-Z & Beyoncé together combined have a net worth of $1.4 billion and more. Moreover, Jay-Z has earned a lot of money from his music. He has sold more than 50-million albums. Additionally, he has also sold more than 75-million singles in the whole world.

Above all, Jay-Z is a successful entrepreneur that has a business empire in more industries. They include record labels, beverages, real estate, sports teams, and clothing lines. Furthermore, he also has a Tidal music-streaming service which he bought at $200-million. At present, it’s valued at $600-million. Other Jay-z investments are Roc-Nation entertainment co., Roc Nation Sports, Block Starz Music, Armand de-Brignac champagne, Cohiba, JetSmarter, and more others.

#3. P. Diddy – Net worth of $855 million

P. Diddy

Puff Daddy whose real name is Sean John Combs is also known as P. Diddy. P. Diddy is a multi-talented man that has more skills hence he is multi-talented. He is an actor, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, record executive, and above all, he is a rapper. With January 2022 findings, P. Diddy is among the richest rappers in today’s world and has an $855 million net worth. Puff Daddy started entrepreneurship at 12 years old when he was selling newspapers. Today, Puff Daddy has a portfolio of companies including clothing line Sean-John, restaurants, perfume, Umbrella Company, has some shares at Ciroc Vodka, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate, and Revolt TV.

Puff Daddy was born on 1969 4th of November in Harlem in New York. Moreover, he has achieved huge success via his albums The Saga Continues, Press Play, and Forever. Furthermore, his debut album was No Way-Out & which was released in 1997. Puff Daddy also operated as a director at Uptown Records where his earnings were about $ 730 million. John Combs has earned 3 Grammys & 2 MTV Video Song Awards. Puff Daddy serves as a producer at MTV’s-Making the Band. All these have greatly contributed to Puff Daddy’s immense wealth.

#4. Dr. Dre –Net worth of $820 million

Dr. Dre

Andre Romelle is the real name of Dr. Dre and he was born on 18th Feb in the year 1965 at Compton, California. Furthermore, Dr. Dre has served several jobs including American rapper, actor, songwriter, audio engineer, record executive, entrepreneur, and record producer. Firstly, Dr. Dre has worked as a co-owner and as an artist at Death Row Records. Moreover, Andre Romelle is the owner of Beats Electronics. He also has his signature Dr. Dre beats headsets & also the founder of Aftermath Entertainment.

Dr. Dre has been said to be a billionaire through more wealth sources reject the figure and placed him at number 4 with a net worth of $820 million. Additionally, Dr. Dre’s prosperity came when he vends Beats by Dr. Dre to Apple Company back in 2022. He sold it for $3 billion and he owned about 25-percent of the company’s stake. Dr. Dre found fame when he was with West-coast gangsta rap NWA. Dr. Dre has produced and assisted in form careers for more successful rappers including Snoop Dogg, Eminem & 2Pac.

#5. Master P –Net worth of $350 million

Master P –Net worth

Master P’s real name is Percy Robert Miller. He is a record producer, an actor, a rapper, and a former basketball player. Furthermore, he is also a founder of a record label known as No Limit Records. Additionally, he is also a founder of No Limit Forever Records and Guitar Music Entertainment. Master P became famous back in the 1990s as he was a participant of TRU which was a hip-hop music group. In 2022, Master P had a net worth of about $700 million which made him the third richest hip-hop artist. Presently he has a net worth of $350 million which makes him the fifth richest rapper.

His wealth is obtained from a travel agency, stocks, real estate, film, Foot Locker outlet, and more than 75-million record music sales. Furthermore, he also owns fast-food franchises, gas stations, clothing, auto accessories, television production, jewelry line, car rims, and more other businesses. Master P is also a philanthropist. Percy Robert Miller was born & grew up in New Orleans. In 1998, his music on poverty, drug dealing, police brutality & social issues contributed to be among the highest-paid entertainers.

#6. Eminem – Net worth of $220 million

Eminem – Net worth

Eminem is among the most successful white rappers in the 21st century. However, Eminem’s music is a little bit controversial because it’s about hatred for his ex-wife & love for his daughter. Eminem is among the successful best-selling song artists. He has over 150-million approved records that are sold globally. Moreover, Eminem has been named Artist of the year and he has won over 15-Grammy Awards. Furthermore, has 20-Billboards Awards and added to the list of top 100 Great Artists of every time. Aside from music earnings, acting, songwriting, publishing, & record executive has also significantly contributed to his wealth.

Eminem was subjected to more racial hate. He began fighting rapping at Detroit where he rapped for the first time among few white rappers. Furthermore, Eminem was also bullied at school when he was young which made it hard to make friends. Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers II. Additionally, Eminem started his record company known as Shady Records. Above all, he is a movie star & he has featured in 2 Super-Bowl ads with massive budgets. Eminem continues to create music that shocks & entertains the universe.

#7. Drake – Net worth of $200 million

Drake – Net worth

Drake is also known as Aubrey Drake Graham. He is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, businessman, and executive producer. For your information, Drake was acting before he moved into music. Furthermore, Drake was on the teen-drama television series-Degrassi (The Next-Generation). Drake released his first debut mixtape Room for Improvement & released 2 other mixtapes. This is before he joined Young Money Entertainment in the year 2022. Additionally, Drake released his debut studio album Thank Me Later in 2022. This album topped the US-Billboard 200.

At present, Drake has launched five studio albums and Scorpion is among the latest releases. Furthermore, in all the albums, Views is a best-selling album at present. Drake has sold above 170-million records which makes him among the best-selling song artists around the world. As of January 2022, Drake is among the wealthiest rappers around the world. He has a $200 million net worth. Aside from music earning Drake also makes money from endorsement contracts with various companies. They include Sprite, Whataburger, Apple Music, Burger King, and Toronto Raptors. Furthermore, Drake is the founder of Virginia Black whiskey and the OVO audio record label.

#8. Ice Cube – net worth of $160 million

Ice Cube

Ice Cube has a present net worth of $160 million which makes him be the 8th richest rapper. Furthermore, he is among the founder artists of gangsta-rap. Additionally, Ice Cube was born in 1969, and he became famous back in 1986 as he was a member of the hip-hop group N.W.A. The group consisted of him, Eazy E, and Dr. Dre. After leaving the group, Ice Cube started a successful solo career which is still on as of today. Furthermore, ice cube has released ten studio albums which has the latest being everything is Corrupt in the year 2022.

Aside from music, Ice Cube is among the renowned actors, & he is featured in films including Ride Along, 22 Jump-Street, Straight Outta Compton, The Next Cut, Barbershop, and others. Furthermore, other business ventures of Ice Cubes include liquor, a clothing line, and a professional basketball league Big3. Ice Cube is a smarter & talented man that has a nice and fat-bank account. Ice Cube was born on 1969 15th June in Baldwin Hills in California. He sang his first song when at 16 years old.

#9. Lil Wayne – Net worth of $155 million

Lil Wayne – Net worth

Lil Wayne is among the popular rappers at the present with a huge net worth of about $155 million. Further Lil Wayne has launched 13 studio albums. The two latest albums include Tha carter V which was launched in 2022 & Funeral that was launched in 2022. Aside from rapping Lil Wayne is also an actor, entrepreneur, and record executive. Additionally, Lil Wayne has sold over 100million records up to date. Moreover, he has also invested in the business world-selling shoes, flavored cigars, and clothes. He has also invested in apps including Tidal.
Furthermore, Lil Wayne has more records on the Billboard Hot-100 compared to Elvis Presley. Lil Wayne has also worked with very successful artists including Drake & Nicki Minaj. Additionally, he has also partnered with Beats by Dre.

#10. Snoop Dogg – Net worth of $135 million

Snoop Dogg – Net worth

Snoop Dogg Net worth is at $135 million as of Jan 2022. He is among the successful and popular rappers at present. Additionally, at present, he has sold over a 35million albums around the world. Snoop Dogg now is a Rastafarian and he has gained extra cash as an actor, songwriter, media personality, & and entrepreneur. Furthermore, some of Snoop Dogg’s business ventures are app known as Snoopy and owns Esports leagues. Additionally, he also owns medical marijuana that’s known as Leafs By Snoop. Currently, Snoop Dogg has launched 17 studio albums & seven collaboration albums.

Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. He is a big fan of weed and he has placed his love for marijuana to good use. Back in 2022 Snoop Dogg invested in Eaze (cannabis delivery service). Snoopify, is said to earn him over $30,000 every week. Commercial endorsements to companies like Orbitz Gum, Boost Mobile, hosting more shows & appearing in more films, have greatly contributed to the net worth.


That’s the list of top richest rappers despite black or white around the world. Furthermore, these rappers are also famous for their marvelous talent in the music field. Moreover, these rappers also serve numerous roles in their career which have made them achieve more. All these richest rappers have more fans across the globe.