How to Wrap Christmas Lights for Storage: Step-by-Step Guide

Putting away Christmas lights is something to consider as the holiday season winds down. Wrapping and storing your Christmas lights correctly will keep them in good condition for years to come and will also make setting them up the next year a breeze. Here, we will show you the proper way to wrap your Christmas lights for long-term storage.

First, check your lights for damage and tangles.

Christmas lights should be untangled and checked for damage before being wrapped. Look for worn out components like burned-out bulbs and frayed wires. It’s preferable to replace any broken lights immediately rather than wait.

Second, locate a workable surface.

The next thing to do is locate a table or floor that will do. Prepare a dry and level area, either on a table or the floor. Your lights will stay clean and protected from dust and debris with this method of wrapping.

How to Wrap Christmas Lights for Storage Step-by-Step Guide

Third, assemble your materials.

There are a few things you’ll need in order to wrap your Christmas lights. What you’ll need is listed below.

  • Ties, either zip or twist
  • Spools of rope or string made of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Packing peanuts (not required)

Fourth, Connect the Spool of Cord to the Cord

Wrap the cords from your Christmas lights around a cord spool to keep them neat and tidy. Cord spools made of cardboard or plastic might be used for this purpose. If you don’t have any premade spools for your cords, you may create your own from a rectangular piece of cardboard with notches cut into either end.

Starting with one end of the light strand, secure it to the cord spool with a zip tie or twist tie. The next step is to begin winding the lights around the spool while keeping the strand taut. If you need to, you can fasten the strand to the spool with more zip ties or twist ties.

Fifth: Adhere the Lights to the Spool

Once you’ve reached the end of the light strand, continue winding it around the spool. Repeat this procedure for each string of lights, making sure you use a new cord spool for each string.

Sixth, Mark the Spools with a Labels

Labeling the spools with the names of the lights they contain will make using them much more convenient. Put the light strand length and kind on each spool with a marker or label maker.

Seventh, put away the spools

It’s time to put away the Christmas lights now that you’ve labeled and wrapped them all up. Depending on the size of your home, you may choose from a variety of lighting storage solutions.

You can keep the spools in a plastic bin or other storage container if you have plenty of room for them. For next year’s convenience, clearly mark the container with its contents.

You can put the spools in a shoebox or some other tiny container if you don’t have much room for them. Put the containers in a closet or on a shelf by stacking them.

Eighth, think about including some bubble wrap.

Wrapping your Christmas lights in bubble wrap before putting them away will help prevent breakage during storage. This will add an extra safeguard to make sure no bulbs shatter.


Wrapping and stowing your Christmas lights correctly is a crucial step in getting ready for the holidays. By taking care of your lights in this way, you may keep them working for many Christmases to come and simplify your holiday decorating. Inspect your lighting for damage, locate a stable work area, amass your materials, and plug in the power source.