Everything About Madonna And Her Bio

Who is Madonna?

Madonna, born Madonna Louise Ciccone, is a singer/songwriter from the United States who has achieved a level of fame that was unheard of during the time in which she grew to popularity in the eighties and nineties. Because of this, she has been named the Queen of Pop by many and continues to release music that hits the charts today.

Everything About Madonna

Madonna has been able to control her career and use that to be as controversial as possible to break boundaries. Versatility is commonplace for an artist like Madonna. Her talent to be able to adapt her sound and look are unmatched. Because of this, she has kept herself in the public eye, ultimately becoming something like a legend in popular culture.

Early life:

Born in Bay City, Michigan, Madonna grew up with a strong Italian background with five other siblings. Growing up in a catholic family meant that she must undergo confirmation and chose the name Veronica as a confirmation name in 1966.

Unfortunately, three years prior, her mother would have complications with breast cancer forcing a young Madonna to confront reality without her mother. The death of her mother weighed heavily on her and the family as they did not enjoy strangers coming into the home. Madonna could not even sleep unless she was close to her father for fear of losing him.

Madonna Early life

Known for her outlandish behavior, Madonna excelled at school and was eventually convinced to explore a career in dance because of her ballet instructor. This changed the course of Madonna’s future which includes a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan. She later ended up dropping out of college and moving to New York City with little in her pocket, a brave move.

She would try out dancing as back up along with other classes and troupes she was a part of as a way of advancing her skills after leaving Michigan.

Adult Life and Career:

Finally signing with Sire records, Madonna would start her career with hits such as Holiday and True blue in the eighties. Madonna was controversial in that she was criticized for the sound of her voice and not having the range of other pop divas. Madonna’s sound was girly and light which suited pop music.

Her boundary-breaking style fits well into the pop scene by addressing highly relatable issues in the themes of her lyrics. Growing so quickly meant that Madonna had to make the decision to own her image through a subsidiary with Time Warner.

After landing so many hits and crossing the billion-dollar mark meant Madonna gained unprecedented control over her image her sound and her career, and at the beginning of the nineties no less.