Top 10 Black Friday Deals Predictions Deals, Trends, and Predictions:

Black Friday sales have been steadily rising in the last few years. In fact, Americans spend more time shopping on Thanksgiving weekend than they do visit Disneyland attractions. Black Friday is like a festival for shoppers and bargain hunters. There are many shoppers who wait in line for a vigorous number of hours and some even camp out in front of stores to get the best deal on high-quality items. Others stay at home and take advantage of the internet to make their Black Friday purchases. Black Friday this year falls on Friday, November 25, 2022. The deals for 2022 include low-priced laptops and computers, tablets and e-readers, televisions, smartphones, video games and consoles, toys, and all different types of electronics.

Black Friday last year’s 2022 info:

Some of the top sale items in 2022 were: Smart HDTV under $200 at Wal-Mart, Up to $200 off Dyson vacuums at Lowe’s, Beats Studio Headphones for $169 at Wal-Mart, Free gift card with Apple Watch at Target, 65% off tablet at Dell, Xbox One bundle at Target, iPad Mini 2 for $199 at Wal-Mart, and Nutri Ninja blender for $59.99 at Sears. The National Retail Federation found that 151 million consumers shopped online or in-person during Black Friday 2022. In 2022, stores such as Target and Best Buy introduced select Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving even started.


Black Friday 2022: what to expect:

Be prepared this year for sales to start earlier and last longer. This will lead to more shopping days and chances to save or spend money. In recent years, stores have opened their doors earlier on Thanksgiving Day, and this year it is expected for some stores to open even earlier.

Black Friday Deal Predictions 2022:

Predictions for video games: Microsoft Xbox One S Bundle for $249.99, Microsoft Xbox One Bundle for $199.99, Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) Bundle for $249, Nintendo Wii for $64.99

Predictions for smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone plus free $100 Gift Card for $99, Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus and Gift Card bundle from $199, Samsung Galaxy S6 Smart Phone for free plus free $100 Gift Card.

Predictions for laptops and computers: Apple MacBook Air Intel Core i5 13.3-inch for $499.99 , Intel Core i3, 14.1-inch Display, 4GB RAM for $139.00 , Apple MacBook Pro Intel Core i5 13.3-inch for $599.99 , Chromebook, 11.1-inch to 14.1 display, 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi from $79.00.

Predictions for tablets, ereaders, and iPads: Kindle Fire HD 7-inch for $54.99 , Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 128GB Tablet for $699.00, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4-Inch 16GB Tablet for $139.00 , Apple iPad mini 16GB Tablet for $149.00.

Tips For Black Friday Prediction 2022:

One tip for Black Friday is the deals you should skip. Skip buying toys. It is actually best to wait until it gets closer to Christmas to purchase action figures, dolls, and other types of play toys. Skip buying Christmas decorations. Stores are actually ready to clear out inventory and lower prices when it gets closer to Christmas day. The things you should buy during Black Friday to ensure that you’re getting the best bargains are electronics, gaming system bundles, movies, video games, travel deals, and home appliances.