Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers

Every person likes to have a beautiful smile. When your teeth are white, you will smile at any place and any time unlike with people that have discolored teeth. However, teeth discoloration shouldn’t make you hide your smile because that’s an issue that can be eliminated. With the best whitening toothpaste, all the discoloration on your teeth will eradicate. This is a cost-effective & practical solution that assists one in achieving the anticipated results efficiently.

Teeth whitening toothpaste operates by lightning stains that go deeper compared to the tooth’s surface. The stain can be brought about by smoking, bad dental hygiene, or the use of coffee. However, they won’t alter the original hue of your teeth. However, it’s good that you also consider choices, like a professional dental cleaning & whitening process, which may yield a safe way of improving your smile.

Whitening toothpaste buying guide


This is among the significant factors to check out for when searching for a whitening toothpaste. You need to understand which ingredients to search for. Other ingredients tend to be more effective compared to others. Furthermore, another whitening toothpaste has no ingredients that have scientific evidence linked to possible whitening effects.

Silica is one of the highly efficient ingredients in any whitening toothpaste. This is the ingredient that you need to look for, particularly if you have sensitive teeth. Numerous studies have shown that silica is more effective in teeth-whitening.

Another ingredient that has been proven to be effective is hydrogen peroxide. This isn’t recommended for individuals that have sensitive teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is efficient at removing surface stains on teeth. It’s important in smokers and to individuals that have stains brought by coffee.
Natural ingredients are also available though not more effective.


Do dentists recommend whitening toothpaste?

Yes. Dentists recommend whitening toothpaste because it assists in whitening teeth slightly by removing surface stains. Some of the stains are brought about by smoking or drinking coffee. Moreover, whitening kinds of toothpaste isn’t meant to alter and change the natural color of the teeth. It’s also not meant to lighten a stain that goes deeper compared to a tooth’s surface.

You also need to select ADA-approved toothpaste for whitening. The toothpaste has been tested & approved by the American Dental Association. Avoid using non-ADA-certified “whitening” toothpaste, like charcoal toothpaste. Remember charcoal is very abrasive.

Compare toothpaste for whitening, crest whitening toothpaste, whitening strips

Whitening toothpaste assists in gently polishing one’s teeth with the help of a special abrasive. This also assists in dissolving stains brought by the presence of chemicals including peroxide. A chemical known as blue-covarine in other whitening toothpaste makes one’s teeth look less yellow by proficiently making an optical illusion of teeth whitening.

Crest whitening toothpaste is among the best toothpaste which offers white teeth to adults. Moreover, it helps in removing the everyday stains from coffee, tea, soda, & wine and protects the teeth thoroughly. It’s gentle on enamel & it’s suitable for daily use. The fluoride that’s present in the product assists in fighting cavities excellently. The key ingredient which makes Crest whitening toothpaste is sodium fluoride.

Teeth whitening strips consist of bleach or peroxide. One can use strips to the teeth depending on the package directions. The peroxide arrives in contact using the enamel. This enables the peroxide to eliminate stains & discoloration from the teeth surface. However, home products are not normally as efficient as in-office dental-whitening methods. They too come with other dangers of more tooth sensitivity & gum irritation.

Is it OK to use whitening toothpaste every day?

Whitening toothpaste is normally safe for everyday use though shouldn’t be used extra often than it’s indicated on the label or than the dentist advises. Moreover, they have all special chemicals & polishing agents which help in removing stains. This can lead to gum & teeth sensitivity & damage tooth-enamel is used too much over time.

The best thing about whitening toothpaste is, it offers advantages over normal toothpaste. Furthermore, brushing using it about twice a day for 2 minutes every time reduces the danger of cavities, keeps teeth gums healthy, and freshens breath.

Why shouldn’t you use whitening toothpaste?

Whitening toothpaste is very abrasive. They normally consist of micro-granules that act as abrasive agents and remove the surface stains from tooth enamel. If you are using it twice a day or every day they can also end up wearing down the enamel at your teeth.

Best whitening toothpaste for smokers

Stains of tobacco on teeth are normally hard to remove the reason being they’ve happened over years of smoking. Stains have settled deep in the enamel & will penetrate to the outer layer of dentin. Luckily, the stains aren’t permanent & can be eliminated with professional teeth-whitening. Some of the whitening toothpaste for smokers includes

  • Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque and Whitening Natural Toothpaste
  • Colgate Optic-White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  • Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste
  • Lumineux Oral Essentials Teeth-Whitening Toothpaste
  • Arm and Hammer Twin-Pack whitening toothpaste

Best whitening toothpaste PH

Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste has a mean pH of about 8.22. This ranges from 5.09 – 11.13 and whitening toothpaste has a mean pH of about 6.83. This is within a range of 4.22 – 8.35. The highest pH level was measured in Signal Kids-toothpaste (7.09), though all other toothpaste has a pH level near neutral value.

  • Whitening toothpaste that works
  • Hey Humans Natural-Toothpaste Wintermint-Chill
  • Colgate Max White-Ultimate Catalyst Whitening Toothpaste
  • Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth
  • MOON Oral Care Stain-Removal Fluoride-Free Whitening Gel Toothpaste

Does whitening toothpaste work?

Teeth-whitening toothpaste will not give you dramatic, bright-white outcomes unless one naturally has white teeth. If one needs to whiten the teeth, you may consider bleaching them.

A toothpaste that consists of baking soda & one percent hydrogen peroxide leads to having significantly whiter teeth. A study shows that brushing using commercial toothpaste that has baking soda & peroxide two times a day leads to 62 percent whiter teeth in about six weeks.

Why is whitening toothpaste bad?

Whitening toothpaste normally depends on whitening chemicals, though can also contain abrasive particles which clean our teeth. Some whitening toothpaste that is more abrasive shouldn’t be utilized for more than four weeks because this can harm your teeth.

Are you find the best Whitening toothpaste for you? Today we are happy to provide you the best whitening toothpaste for smokers and coffee drinkers that help you reach out from yellow or black teeth from now on.

We all like our smiles to be nice and white. However, smoking, coffee, red wine, and other environmental factors deposit enamel on our teeth. Fortunately, there are a number of teeth whitening toothpaste available that can help us get rid of the plague and turn our teeth white again.

If you care about your teeth, you should hold high standards while choosing your toothpaste. Using a teeth whitening toothpaste regularly can give you a healthier and whiter smile so that you can smile with confidence. Our teeth are white greeting cards so make sure that you send a friendly message whenever you smile.

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Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpaste For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers

1. Crest 3D White Foaming

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 1

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By Crest

This toothpaste can easily remove the surface stains from the teeth. Generally, it is safe to use for everybody unless your teeth are very sensitive. It is important to note that you must keep the toothpaste away from the children as the chemicals can harm them if they swallow it.

2. Rembrandt Intense Stain

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 2

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Rembrandt is a well-known name among the whitening toothpaste. Its micro-polishers are tough enough to fight tobacco, cappuccino coffee, and wine stains. When used regularly, it can easily remove the plaque buildup.

3. Colgate Ultra Brite Advanced

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 3

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By Colgate

This advanced whitening toothpaste has peroxide and baking soda. It also contains fluoride that prevents tooth decay and cavities.

Its mint flavor leaves you with a refreshing breath. It effectively cleans your teeth and prevents them from turning yellow.

4. Arm & Hammer

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 4

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By Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer’s range of teeth whitening products delivers good results with regular usage. It contains liquid calcium for strengthening the teeth. It’s cost-effective and safe to use for an extended period.

5. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 5

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By Gold Mountain Beauty

This formulation is fluoride-free and it contains coconut oil to fight bad bacteria in the mouth. It delivers instant results and you should be able to notice a difference even after the first use. People with sensitive teeth can also use toothpaste without any problem.

This product is very good for men to use because it is designed with a special formula, the men can bring it everywhere such as travel, school, and other places.

6. Colgate Optic White Express

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 6

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By Colgate

It has a pleasant mint flavor that makes your breath fresh. It contains fluoride to keep your teeth shining white. It’s not recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

The toothpaste is safe for daily use and it is gluten-free. You can get whiter teeth in just 3 days. It’s enamel safe and available in refreshing mint flavors.

7. Tom’s Of Maine Antiplaque

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 7

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By Tom’s of Maine

This antiplaque fluoride-free toothpaste is safe for children. It does a great job of removing the plaque and turning your teeth white. The peppermint flavor gives you a refreshing feeling after use.

The toothpaste is gluten-free, kosher-certified, cruelty-free and halal so everybody can use the toothpaste without any issue. It contains no artificial colors, preservatives, animal ingredients, fragrances, etc. The toothpaste contains zinc citrate which is sourced from zinc and xylitol derived from corn or birch trees. These natural teeth whitening ingredients can give you the desired results within a month.

8. Sensodyne 24/7 Sensitivity Protection

Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste, Extra Whitening, for Sensitive Teeth, 24/7 Protection

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By Sensodyne

People with sensitive teeth can use toothpaste without any problem. Regular use of the toothpaste also helps in the reduction of sensitivity of teeth. It removes the stains gently without irritating the gums.

It protects your teeth 24/7 against cavities and removes stains if you brush twice a day. Besides whitening your teeth, it will also let you enjoy hot and cold drinks without sensitivity issues.

9. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 8

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By Opalescence

It is a powerful teeth whitening formulation and it is capable of removing the wine, coffee and tobacco stains upon regular use. You only need to use a pea-sized dollop to clean your teeth and the entire mouth.

You can use toothpaste every day without any sensitivity issues and improve the health of your gums. To make your teeth looking shiny, smooth and white, use the toothpaste for at least 2-3 weeks.

10. White Glo Smoker Formula

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers 9

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By White Glo

This formulation is made for smokers. It not only removes the tobacco stains but also helps you get rid of the ‘smoker’s breath. It comes with a special anti-stain toothbrush which makes it more effective. This is the best whitening toothpaste for you if you want your beautiful smile back quickly.

It starts removing the smoking stains right after the first use. The White Glo Smoker is formulated for smokers, heavy coffee drinkers can also get rid of coffee stains with this toothpaste. It cleans the tooth effectively, gives you a refreshing breath, kills bad bacteria and is good for overall oral health.


The micro-granules in the whitening toothpaste stains through the abrasive action. The bleaching agents like Hydrogen Peroxide clean the teeth through oxidation. There are several factors that make our teeth yellow such as smoking, excessive coffee, not cleaning teeth regularly, bad food habits, wine, and aging. Using a teeth whitening toothpaste regularly is an effective method to prevent our teeth from turning yellow.