Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature

The engine is like a human being, and the best engine oil can be considered as the lifeblood of the motorcycle engine. The best motorcycle oil is the most important element for cooling the bike’s internal combustion engine, transmission and clutch lubrication inside the Engine. Now you knew the importance of engine oil ready, so you are looking to buy one for your motorcycle, yes you are on the right site now. We are going to pull up to 10 best motorcycle oil for you.

However, before we enter the main products, we would like to tell you more about the type of engine oil. This is free knowledge for you to keep in mind. Especially, if you own expensive motorcycles like Harley Davidson, sports bikes or other motorcycles brand. When you master this engine oil type, you will be able to make a comparison between oil types and chose one right for your engine.

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How to pick the best motorcycle Oil?

To make your motorcycle run and keep it in its best ability you need to ensure that you use the best motorcycle oil every time. Furthermore, the best motorcycle oil will offer proper care & maintenance. Using the right motorcycle oil goes beyond washing and cleaning.

Which oil is best for a motorcycle?

Some of the top trusted brands of motorcycle oils include;


This brand manufactures & distributes lubricants around the globe. Moreover, Motul is suitable for an automotive engine of cars, motorcycles & other vehicles. Motul is a pioneer of semi-synthetic and synthetic oil. Motul 7100 is suitable for motorcycles.


Mobil Corporation has 4 main sub-brands which include Mobil 1, Mobile Gasoline, Mobil Industrial, Mobil Devlac. Moreover, Mobil 1 v-twin is among the best-selling Synthetic Motorcycle Oil.


Castrol brand has a wide range of greases, oils, & same products for lubrication. Castrol brand is a major participant in motorsports & has signed deals with Monster Energy and Toyota. Its well-known motorcycle oil is Castrol’s 06112-Power1 Motorcycle Oil.

Other best motorcycle oils include Lucas 10710, Red Line 42504 20W-50, Maxima 34901, and more others.

What kind of oil does a motorcycle use?

There are different types of brands and engine oil that can be used on a motorcycle. Every oil on the shelves has a purpose plus uses and they differ with grade. This determines viscosity & temperature levels. The three types of motorcycle oil include;

Mineral Oils

Mineral oil is naturally found in the form of crude oil and used as a standard lubrication-oil. Moreover, it offers excellent guard to new engines to the first few-miles to motorcycles with small-engine capacities. The construction of these oils stops molecules from connecting with extreme conditions. Due to this feature, this oil is less efficient & needs to be changed frequently. Furthermore, they are more affordable. Any stress on the engine and harsh riding methods leads to fast wearing out of components.

Synthetic Oils

This oil is suitable for use with anything greater than a 200cc machine. Synthetic oils are more considered for motorcycles because of their low-viscosity index. Furthermore, synthetic oils are wholly bred in laboratories and utilize mineral oil as additives. Synthetic oils operate best even when an engine is placed under more loads of stress. The reason being, these synthetic oils are super-lubricating and offer a high-temperature resistance.

Moreover, Synthetic oils also last longer & offer your engine better protection. Due to this, synthetic oil is expensive to replenish. However, it’s a small price to have your high-performer up to spec.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-Synthetic Oil offers a fine balance between the chemically complex-structure of Synthetic ones and natural crude mineral oil. Furthermore, semi-synthetic oils are versatile lubricants that help in keeping more kinds of motorcycle engines operating smoothly. These oils contain 30-percent of their structure chemically induced. This helps one’s motorcycle operate efficiently & cleanly for short-bursts of sporty-riding. Semi-synthetic oils are suitable for medium-sized engines (125-180 cc).

Is there a difference between motorcycle oil and car oil?

Oils are made differently particularly when it comes to motorcycle and car oil. Furthermore, using the wrong oil on your motorcycle can cause severe damage. Car engine-oils are made with friction modifiers & are conveyed to minimize friction between the moving parts. This offers a suitable fuel economy & efficiency. Furthermore, car oils have detergent additives that have high ash content.

Motorcycles use similar oil to the engine & the gearbox. Thus the oil is made to offer protection to engine components & the gears.

Can I use car engine oil on a motorcycle?

No. You cannot use car engine oil on a motorcycle. This is because the oil used on motor engines has a different wavelength when compared to the oil used with motorcycles. When car engine oil is used in your motorbike, it can cause severe damage.

Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature

1. Yamalube 10w40 All Performance Oil – Quarts – Best Motorcycle Oil for Cruiser

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 1

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By: Dr. Leonard’s

Yamalube 10w40 all performance oil is the semi-synthetic oil which made for all-purpose performance motor engine. It consists of mineral oil mixed with cleaning additives (ultra-clean, anti-wear) on purpose for maintaining the functional of we-clutch components, minimizes wear and tear of that caused by friction and also to reducing heat transfer within a clutch assembly. Yamalube 10w40 motorcycle oil works with a variety of manual-transmission, single-cylinder and also multi-valve 4-stroke applications. Especially, if you own Yamaha bikes like ATVs or Scooters, sports bike, dual-sport off-road, choosing this Yamalube 10w40 is the best option.

Is it time to change the engine oil on your bike? or looking to buy new engine oil that affordable, and high performance? Yamalube 10W40 all performance oil is the best bike oil you must have on your motorcycle. Yamalube is the best engine oil from Yamaha company which is well known for its best performant on the line of a motorcycle engine. Keep in mind that your bike’s engine needs oil just like you need food to stay alive, due regular change engine oil will keep your bike’s engine work as well as bringing new.

Main Features
  • Semi-synthetic oil design
  • Come with easy-pour plastic ampule
  • Pure mineral oil with cleaning additives
  • The best economy option you can get on the market
  • Yamaha company made
  • Good for budget
  • Good for High performance
  • Work great for we clutch system
  • Exceeds the JASO MA Requirements
  • The container doesn’t have a mark to measure oil inside.

2. Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40 1 Gallon – Best Motorcycle Oil for Touring

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 2

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By: YamaLube All Purpose

Yamalbue 4 stroke oil is the new technology oil with semi-synthetic the mixture of mineral oil and ultra-clean additives that are suitable for in motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, and scooters. It also meets the requirements of JASO MA for the best engine oil standard. Apart from that, it formulated by the Yamaha company.

In order to keep the value of your vehicle performing in top condition, you should change the engine oil regularly. Many people found that semi-synthetic oil is the best oil for their engine. Yamalube all-purpose 4 four-stroke oil 10W40 1 Gallon is the best semi-synthetic oil for touring. However, a Regular oil change would keep your engine run smoothly and prevent issues down the roads.

Main Features
  • Semi-synthetic oil all performance for motorcycles engine
  • A blend top quality mineral oil with ultra-clean additives offer to protect your engine from wearing and tear off.
  • Also, keep the balance the heat inside the transmission for smooth running
  • Ultra-clean reduces friction.
  • Last long compared with other oil.
  • Top-quality oil from Yamaha Company
  • Superior additives antifriction
  • Big container with a marker to let you know how much is left
  • A container can be prone to leaking
  • Has a thick texture

3. RAVENOL J1V1002 SAE 5W-40 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for Standard moto

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 3

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RAVENOL 5W-40-4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil is a top quality full synthetic Ester oil which is a fully synthetic oil German formula. This oil made for on and off-road motorcycle with 4 stroke engine. Most of the engine wear during the started and lead to tearing off, but with RAVENOL 5w-40 has excellent lubricate that proven the engine to tear off either when a startup or when the engine extreme heat. It is ideal for the engines’ wet clutch system and oil lubricated couplings. RAVENOL 5W-40 also a lifesaving fuel during moderate engine use.

Worrying about your engine life? Try to find the best top quality oil that fits with your priceless bike? This is the right option for you, RAVENOL J1V1002 SAE 5W-40 is what you looking for. It is the best lubricant oil that has been made in Germany since 1946! And become the world’s top-quality engine oil. If you do care about your engine life and performance start to use RAVENOL oil right now!!!

Main Features
  • Full synthetic oil Germany formula
  • Exceeds API SM, JASO MA, and JASO MA2 T903: 2022
  • Last long extra month (due to using the engine)
  • Compatible with all kind of motor brand
  • Improved startup cold run and protect from tear off when high heat performance
  • Low friction, low gluiness
  • Full synthetic oil base
  • Top-quality oil from Germany
  • New design container easy-pour with a marker to let you know how much is left.
  • Quality standard worldwide
  • A little bit costly if you looking for something cheaper, this might not your option.

4. HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for Long Way

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 4

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By: Honda

Honda G4 10w40 is the full synthetic oil that is the best fit with a 4-stroke motorcycle. It is also specifications designed with the highest-quality bases additive to maintain better performance in many situations. Honda GN4 oil packed with shear-resistance, tackiness stability and cleanliness to meet the new standard of the engine. However, this is ideal for Honda 4-stroke motorcycles like ATVs, scooters, watercraft and MUV’s and can be used as gearbox lubricant for all Honda 2-stroke.

Many people knew the HONDA which refers to a high-performance engine. Thus, the HONDA company start to set oil standards for its bikeway back to 1975. And HONDA 08c35-A14L01 or Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil become the worldwide recognized that withstand of high-stress performance and durable in any conditions. However, it is best known for long way riding. If you love to ride for a long way like across counties, HONDA 08C35-A14L01 is your bike lover.

Main Features
  • Semi-synthetic oil with quality based additive
  • Genuine HONDA oil production
  • Passed JASO T903: 2022 test
  • Introduced since 1975 and keep renovation every year to fit the better performance
  • Good price with top quality
  • Semi-Synthetic oil-based
  • Container with handle easy pour and secure
  • Less friction and cleanness
  • Keep in mind that this is well fit with the HONDA bike.

5. Castrol 06114 Power1 10W-50 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for Racing

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 5

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By: Castrol

Castro 06114 Power 1 10W-50 synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is fully synthetic oil that formulated with Trizone technology to maintain your engine for better performance and save the fuel as well. However, it designed for a racing bike that will increase engine acceleration for accurate enactment. Even, working in extreme high hear temperature Castro still provides the same protection and power to your engine. Castro 06114 Power1 surpasses API SL and JASO MA-2 standard that will recognize worldwide for the top quality standard.

Do you want to win every racing game? The top-secret behind the winner not only the technic but also the engine they had. Castro 06114 Power 1 10W-50 synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is the best motorcycle oil for racing. The superior acceleration mode in Castrol oil will benefit you over your competitors. it also role as the shield to protect critical zone, engine, clutch, and gearbox.

Main Features
  • Full synthetic oil last long and powerful for a racing engine
  • Also suitable for all kind of motorcycle
  • Roles as protecting and increase power
  • Durable in any conditions whether the hot or cool temperature
  • Full Synthetic oil-based
  • Reputable brand name (top quality)
  • Acceleration power increment
  • Passed quality test API SL & JASO MA-2
  • It may not fit with some motorcycle engines because it is Full synthetic oil.

6. Mobil 1 98JA11 10W-40 Racing 4T Motorcycle Oil for Sportbikes – Best Motorcycle Oil for Sport

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 6

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By: Mobil 1

Mobil 1 racing 4t 10w-40 motorcycle oil is fully synthetic bike oil that best specializes in 3 ways protection engine, transmission, and wet clutch primary. It can be used in on-road, off-road and 4 stroke motorcycles. Mobil 1 motorcycle oil 10w40 has uniquely designed to keep the engine clean, and durable to high or low temperature, also contain precise additives to help increase engine power. Mobile 1 synthetic motorcycle oil will prolong your engine life further then you expected.

Going off-road must be challenging for most of the rider. Especially, if you have done change your engine oil. That’s why you have to check your bike’s oil and change it regularly. Mobil 1 98JA11 10W-40 Racing 4T Motorcycle Oil for Sport-bikes must be fit in your sports bike. It is the best Motorcycle Oil for Sport. As we knew, motor oil is very important for engine bike since it is specializing in protection, prolong the life of the engine, clean and also to lubricate the engine.

Main Features
  • Full synthetic oil with precise additives to protect and increase performance
  • SEA 10w-40 with stand-in low and high temperature
  • Suitable for on and off-road ride also particle for 4 cycle motorcycle
  • Reduce friction and clean engine
  • Full Synthetic oil-based
  • Prolong engine life
  • the best for high temperature
  • Best racing oil improve engine horsepower
  • Easy-pour container with maker level
  • It may not fit with some motorcycle engines because it is Full synthetic oil.

7. Maxima (90901) 530MX 5W-30 Synthetic 4T MX/Off-Road Racing Motorcycle Engine Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for Off-road

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 7

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By: Maxima

Maxima 530MX 5W-30 Synthetic 4T MX/Off-Road is a pure synthetic that exceeds A.P.I SG/CC test. It is triple-ester synthetic oil-based which is best for race action and also long ride. Protection, increasing, and cleaning are the based roles of Maxima 5300MX. Meanwhile, additives technology advanced in shielded engine, transmission and clutch components. No matter with condition or situation you are in, Maxima 530MX got your back. It works pretty well in cold and hot temperatures.

Traditionally, if you won a racing motorcycle with high engine horsepower, it is ideal to use racing motorcycle engine oil. If you want the best, you should go with Maxima (90901) 539MX 5w-30 Synthetic 4T MX/Off-Road Racing motorcycle engine oil. This is the right choice while it produces more horsepower in your engine than other engine oil on this list. Maxima 539MX also roles as protection for the engine from tearing off while performing.

Main Features
  • 100% based synthetic oil best for racing engine improve horsepower
  • Super last long oil
  • Economy friendly
  • Made in the USA with triple Ester formula
  • Antiwear and extreme pressure with excellent clutch feel
  • Best racing oil improve engine horsepower developed by Kawasaki Race Team
  • Full triple Ester Synthetic oil-based
  • Durable with high temperature
  • Specific API SG & beats JASO MA
  • Easy-pour container
  • It may not fit with some motorcycle engines because it is racing oil.

8. Star Brite Pro Star Super Premium Heavy Duty Motor Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for feet forwards

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 8

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By: Star Brite

Star Brite Pro Star Super Premium Heavy Duty Motor Oil is semi-synthetic engine oil with the special Anti-Wear and Superior Lubrication additives. Regardless of the fact that it is just semi-synthetic engine oil, but I will give any engine all of those synthetic properties which meant protect the engine from wear off, friction and provide long engine life. It is also environmentally friendly. However, we recommended to use it with an engine that required API CL level performance.

Similar to other Motor oil on the list, Star Brite Pro Star Super Premium Heavy Duty Motor Oil was one of the best motorcycle oil on heavy duty and works well with both gasoline and diesel engines. This oil is good enough to stay on your bike for extended gutter intermissions. Epically, it made for feet forward high-performance Diesel engines.

Main Features
  • Exceeds OEM and SAE 15w40 that fit with all diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Prolong engine life and surge performance
  • Specific API CL
  • Made in the USA
  • Semi-Synthetic oil-based
  • Durable with low and high temperature 15w-40
  • Compatible both gasoline and diesel
  • Easy-pour container
  • The container doesn’t have a marker to measure the level of the oil left inside.

9. Pennzoil 550022792-12PK 10W-30 Motor Oil – Best Motorcycle Oil for Old Motor

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 9

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By: Pennzoil

Pennzoil 550022792-12PK 10w-30 is conventional pure oil with cleansing agents. As we have mentioned above, it basically made for the clean engine, up to 40% of engine slush per changing, thus it will continue to clean for the next time changing the oil. This is the reason why it is a fit will for the old engine. With these cleansing agents, your engine whether old or new will execute well. Not only cleansing but also provide wear protection. However, Pennzoil 10w-30 exceeds the demand for GF-5 (international lubricant standard oil).

It is not a bit deal to car oil on a motorcycle, because some engine oils are made for both either car or motor can be used. In this case, we recommend you to buy Pennzoil 550022792-12PK 10w-30 that is active cleaning agents inside the engine to prevent dirt and keep the engine clean to maintain sensitivity. You can use Pennzoil 550022792 on your passenger cars, light- truck even small vans with are fueled with gasoline. In fact, it specializes in cleaning, which can clean up to 40% of sludge inside the engine that meant it will increase your oil motor engine performance.

Main Features
  • Conventional oil offers cleanness, lubrication, and protection to engine
  • Port in the easy-pour bottle
  • Cheaper than other conventional oil on this list
  • Meet the demanding standard GF-5 API SM
  • Conventional oil-based
  • Durable with low and high temperature 10w-30
  • Specific API SM, GF-5
  • Easy-pour bottle
  • Can be used on light truck, passenger cars, small vans and all type of motorcycle
  • Low-priced
  • The container can be prone to leaking
  • Has a thick texture
  • Frequently change

10. Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil – Motorcycle Oil for taking care your machine

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil For All Type and Temperature 10

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By: Castrol

Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is a fully synthetic oil with Trizone technology to take care of your engine. However, Castro’s scientist also includes Race derived technology to increase precise acceleration power, in case you are into the racing game. That would never fail you. Castrol Power1 10w-40 is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain harmful crude. This meant it doesn’t produce toxic emissions into the air.

The fact that Castrol is one of the leading companies in the engine oil market. Due to its formulation and advanced technology in developing its products to fit with the modern engine. That’s we bring you two of those models on this list. This is Castrol 06112 Power1 10w-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil. It is similar to Castrol 06114 Power1 10W-50, it has the main duty to clean, protect and enhance the performance of the engine. Especially, its targets on 3 special zones, engine, clutch and gearbox. That zones are the most critical zones for every engine.

Main Features
  • Full Synthetic oil with Trizone technology that provides protection to engine 3 times better than other oil on this list
  • Withstand low and high temperature
  • Anti-wear and shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown
  • Has been exceeded API SL & JASO MA-2 quality control that recognizes worldwide
  • Specific API SM, GF-5
  • Full Synthetic oil-based
  • Easy-pour bottle
  • Enhance acceleration performance
  • Provide extreme protection with Trizone technology
  • The container can be prone to leaking
  • Frequently change
  • High price compared to other brands.

Our Last Words

To conclude, among the thesis best 10 motorcycle engine oils, it is hard to tell you which one is the best or the winner. However, if you love you go off-road quite often, it is hard to go with Maxima (90901) 530MX 5W-30 Synthetic.

However, for all other tenders, I prefer the Castrol Power1 Synthetic because it is even more affordable and reliable than other synthetic-based motor oils. But if you won the Yamaha engine, it is a must to go for Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40.

The last but not least, don’t get me wrong and keep in mind that engine oil just a small part to protect and take care of your engine. If you wish to prolong your engine life, you better have better maintenance by washing and cleaning your bike often. Because the dust from out can get inside your engine and will damage your engine. However, regular changing oil due to its lifetime is the best option to keep the engine clean from the inside.

There is 3 types of engine oil are commonly used and sell on the market.

  • Conventional Oil: This conventional oil is suitable for any type of vehicle. It also is known as mineral oil or crude oil with chemical additives to help keep the internal engine run smoothly, clear and prevent from overheating. The most important for conventional oil is made for economy based.
  • Synthetic Oil: It is the pure lubricant engine oil that broken down into basic molecules. It is the purified oil that provides a higher performance of protection inside the engine. It has the ability to reduce friction and wear on engine parts. It is well known for consuming less energy (save fuel), protect engine form break down at high temperatures, flow smoothly even in the winter season, and last long much longer than conventional oil.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil: It is a mixture of crude oil with synthetic together formed a fully synthetic oil with the same performant but the cheaper price and last long three times longer than conventional oil.
  • All in all, you better to know about your engine motor better before choosing engine oil. Once you made the wrong choices, it is not only cost you money but also harmful to your engine. Blow here is the Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil.


What is motorcycle Oil?

Motorcycle oil acts as lubricate to protect and enhance engine performance. It is also an oxygen source for the engine.

How to pick the best motorcycle Oil?

You should use full synthetic oil-based since it will prolong your engine life and last long for months and give you the extra mile.

How many types of motorcycle Oil?

There is 3 main type of Motorcycle Oil, Conventional oil, Semi-synthetic oil, and full-Synthetic oil.
Can I use car engine oil in a motorcycle?

of the cause but keep in mind that car engine oil performs less effective then motorcycle oil. If you wish to use car engine oil for your motorcycle we recommend you to choose Pennzoil 550022792-12PK 10W-30.

Can you mix synthetic and regular oil in a motorcycle?

You can, but we don’t recommend you to do that. you better choose a specific one for your engine. However, better know what type of engine is before considering to buy engine oil.

How often should you clean and lube a motorcycle chain?

A: We recommend you to clean and lube a motorcycle chain once or twice a month. But in case you love to go off-road or long ride, you better check and lube your motorcycle more often.

Is there a difference between a motorcycle and car oil?

Key to remember Motorcycle oil required lubrication oil-based because it does not only lubricate the engine but also to lubricate the transmission as well, while car oil is fuel-efficient based on friction modifiers in order to keep motor to run smoother. While friction modifiers are a bed for motorcycles engine which is easy to cause clutch slip and damage your transmission.

What do you use to grease a motorcycle chain?

We will use motorcycle chain lubricant spray.

What is the best engine oil for 4 stroke motorcycle?

This is the difficult question since some of those products on this list are made for 4 stroke motorcycle engine and they are sharing a similar quality and performance. However, we recommend choosing Castrol 06114 Power1 10W-50 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil.

What is the best lubricant for a bike chain?

It is a little bit out of the topic since we are talking about engine oil, but don’t worry. You can find the best bike china lubricant on Amazon or the market. We recommend buying Finish line DRY Teflon chain Lube or Tri-Flow Superior chain Lubrication.

Which is the best engine oil for the bike?

We recommend buying Castrol Power1 or Mobil 1 since they are best-selling on the market.

Which oil is good for a motorcycle?

It depends on what type of engine is. Since the new revolution of engine nowadays. We think the best option is to go for full-Synthetic based engine oil.

Which synthetic oil is the best?

We still keep our the same reward to Castro Power1 Full Synthetic oil.