Top 10 best motorbike GPS trackers

The best motorbike GPS tracker can track your motorbike well with the high signal, save energy and last longer, so it means that you can track your motorcycle anywhere and anytime by checking the notification and history store in-app or software.

When you look on the Internet, you can find some popular motorbike GPS trackers these days. These units come with some great features that are useful for all customers.

The Best Motorbike GPS Tracker

These top 10 best motorbike GPS trackers can help you compare some available products now.

#10. Portable LBS GPRS Motorbike Tracker from StormShop

Portable Multi-Function LBS SMS GPRS Motorbike GPS Tracker - Black

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This portable GPS tracker allows you to monitor and control the position of your motorbike via GPRS system. It can be used in any business traffic, shipping market industry, police, army, and also logistic industry.

#9. E-SDS Motorbike Waterproof GPS Tracker

E-SDS Motorbike Waterproof GPS Tracker Quad Band built-in antenna Vehicle GPS tracking,Remote ControlCut off petrolelectricity CT0007

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This is another high quality motorbike tracker that is available today. This tracker is made from waterproof material that can last for a long time. Its low voltage protection is good for protecting your motorcycle’s battery.

#8. UXcell Car Motorbike GPS Tracker

Car Motorbike GPS Tracker Charger Adapter Connector Extension Wire 4m

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You can read some good reviews about this tracker. This GPS tracker has large dimension that is about 38 x 25 x 16 mm. This dimension allows you to install this tracker on your motorbike easily.

#7. Lexitek LT303G Motorcyle and Motorbike GPS Tracker

Lexitek® LT303G coban original tk303G Real Time motorcycle motorbike electric bicycle bike GMSGPSGPRS Tracker QUAD BAND 85090018001900Mhz with remote control

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This GPS tracker can support both LBS and GPS systems, in order to support your needs. It is easy for you to configure all settings from this unit remotely.

#6. E Citi New GPS Tracker

E-Citi NEW Mini GPS GPRS GSM Tracker Car Vehicle SMS Real Time Network Monitor Tracking

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It is one of the most popular GPS trackers on the market now. This device can support real time location tracking for providing the best experience for all users.

#5. DS Link Waterproof Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker

Waterproof Multi-functional Intelligent Anti-theft Device Real Time Monitoring GPS VehicleTruck Tracker for E-BycicleMotorbike

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There are some good features that you can find from this GPS tracker. It can support single positioning for locating your motorbike accurately.

#4. GPS Motorbike Tracker GPS304A

GPS motorcycleMotorbike tracker GPS304A,GPS vehicle tracker waterproof TK304A

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It is another high quality GPS tracker that is available these days. This GPS tracker has automatic update positioning system, so you can monitor your vehicle’s position everyday.

#3. LiveinBright Ico Store Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Ico Store motorcycle Waterproof Vehicle Car gps tracker gps 303b GPS personalvehicle tracker,SPY Vehicle gps tracker Realtime

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This is another recommended GPS tracker that can help you monitor your motorbike’s position easily. It is going to work based on the current GSM and GPRS network.

#2. MuchBuy Mini GPS Tracking Unit

MuchBuy Mini GPS GSM GPRS Tracking SMS Real Time Vehicle Motorcycle Monitor Tracker

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This GPS tracker is very useful to help you track your car and motorbike everyday. It is able to help you monitor your motorbike from your own cellphone.

#1. Coban GPS Motorbike Tracker

GPS motorcycle motorbike tracker GPS303G listen in remote control TK103B

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It is very comfortable for you to use this motorbike tracker in your daily life. This device has built-in GSM and GPS system, in order to provide accurate result for all customers. You can setup all options from this tracker remotely.