10 Best Large Ceiling Fans Without Light For Decoration Ideas

When designing a home, large ceiling fans without lights are sometimes overlooked for whatever reason. Fans, in addition to bringing a breath of fresh air into a space, round out the design and composition of a room. It is essential to have a solid understanding of how the dimensions of a fan may impact its performance as well as the aesthetics of a room. A ceiling fan that is too large for the space will dominate the design of the room and create the illusion that the ceiling is lower than it actually is, while large ceiling fans without light that is too tiny will not circulate the air effectively.

1. Hunter Fan Company 53294 Builder Elite Versatile

Hunter Fan Company 53294 Builder Elite Versatile

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With its popular appeal and conventional style, the Builder Elite ceiling fan will fit right in with your home’s interior decor. It’s a style that will inspire you for years to come thanks to the attractive, clean finish possibilities and the great contrast of angles in the overall design. An adjustable mount fan has a three-position mounting system that may be used for either conventional, low, or inclined installation. The 13-degree blade pitch of the Builder Elite fan has been adjusted to offer optimal airflow and maximum performance.

Choosing downloads with a diameter of 3 inches or 2 inches ensures that your blades are set at the ideal height for maximum airflow. This reversible fan has fan blades that rotate in the opposite direction to keep your home cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. It is best suited for rooms with ceilings of at least 9 feet.

2. Ceiling Fan No Light Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote 3 Blade Wood

Ceiling Fan No Light Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote 3 Blade Wood

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EKXIIO is a business that specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of premium ornamental fan lights and ceiling fan lights. A DC motor is powerful and virtually quiet. Including a function for regulating speed and timing. Simple to set up and very well balanced, it works quite well.

The vast majority of our contemporary ceiling fans are sold in various nations and regions, including Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, and a number of other places…

If you choose the EKXIIO brand, you’ll become part of a large family consisting of more than 50 million people who use ceiling fan lights. Awaiting your next move with eager anticipation!

3. Hunter Fan Company 50810 Presto Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 50810 Presto Ceiling Fan

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A high-velocity fan that has an airflow that has been tuned for maximum high-speed cooling is provided as part of the exclusive SureSpeed Guarantee. 13 degrees of optimum blade pitch to guarantee optimal airflow and maximum performance

Something uncomplicated may sometimes have the most impact, like the design of the modern ceiling fan seen on the Presto. Whether you’re going for a modern industrial aesthetic or a Scandinavian one, the look of your space will be finished off perfectly with this piece thanks to its smooth lines and traditional finishes. Your living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices will all benefit from Presto’s high-speed, optimum cooling since it is constructed with our SureSpeed® Guarantee.

4. Ceiling Fan without Lights, 52″ Wood Ceiling Fans with Remote

Ceiling Fan without Lights, 52 Wood Ceiling Fans with Remote

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The choice of walnut solid wood is both the most traditional and the most luxurious option. It gives a glimpse into the way of life of the person who owns the house. It is carefully integrated with modern features in order to create a house that is both peaceful and pleasant, as well as to provide a sophisticated feeling of ritual at home.

Ceiling fans, both indoor and outdoor varieties, are a wonderful addition to any room or outdoor area. Producing more power and torque while spending 70 percent less energy, ceiling fans with innovative energy-efficient DC motors and precision-balanced blades work nearly silently, and they move more cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) while using less electricity.

5. WINGBO 52″ DC Ceiling Fan without Lights, Matte Black Ceiling fan with Remote

WINGBO 52 DC Ceiling Fan without Lights, Matte Black Ceiling fan with Remote

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This ceiling fan has a diameter of 52 inches, which classifies it as a medium size. It works well in rooms that are not much larger than the norm in terms of their dimensions. There are six forward and six reverse speeds available on the powerful ceiling fan (easy to adjust with the included handheld remote).

This ceiling fan in matte black finishes has a 52-inch blade span and does not include a light kit. It will give your home a more modern appearance. This 6-speed fan has 3 ABS blades that allow it to circulate air effectively while maintaining a quiet and wobble-free operation. Within a range of up to ten feet, the remote control provides an easy way to operate both the fan and the light.

The WINGBO lighting Co. is the company that pioneered and is the leading source for contemporary ceiling fan design. They are responsible for the production of the most extensive and entirely contemporary range of ceiling fans that can be found. The mechanical simplicity, geometric shapes, and contemporary finishes that are shown in our goods are all ways in which we honor the modern idiom. We strive to accommodate not just the design-savvy homeowner but also the requirements of the professional specifier.

6. Sofucor 52″ Wood Ceiling Fans without Light

Sofucor 52 Wood Ceiling Fans without Light

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7. WINGBO 52″ DC Ceiling Fan without Lights, Walnut Bronze Ceiling fan with Remote

WINGBO 52 DC Ceiling Fan without Lights, Walnut Bronze Ceiling fan with Remote

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8. Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan DC 3 Without Light

Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan DC 3 Without Light

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9. 52″ Noiseless Wood Ceiling Fan with Remote, 6 Speeds Low Profile Ceiling fan without Light

52 Noiseless Wood Ceiling Fan with Remote, 6 Speeds Low Profile Ceiling fan without Light

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10. Willacy Collection 3-Blade Painted Nickel 48-Inch DC Motor Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Willacy Collection 3-Blade Painted Nickel 48-Inch DC Motor Contemporary Ceiling Fan

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The Willacy Collection 3-Blade Painted Nickel 48-Inch DC Motor Contemporary Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice for any living room, bedroom, or extra room decorated in a contemporary design setting. It will help you create a dramatic focal point in the area. cETLus moist location specified as one of the certifications. A shimmering central hub and ribbon-like blades covered in a silver-painted nickel finish give this fan its distinctive appearance. In order to prevent warping, the blades are made from an ABS material that is both durable and resistant to the effects of weather.
It has a diameter of 48 inches and is 14 and a half inches tall. A canopy fits over a conventional recessed outlet box that measures 4 inches. DC motor.

Includes a Wi-Fi smart control that is compatible with the majority of tablets, smartphones, and voice assistants; also, a full-function 6-speed remote control with batteries is provided so that you can modify full-range dimming and fan speed without breaking a sweat.

Big ceiling fans ranging from 60 to 120 inches in diameter that is both dependable and durable

Large and extra-large ceiling fans without light, built for open floor plans and huge rooms, can be found in this section. These ceiling fans are rated for use both inside and outside of the home, so you may put them to use in any location. Even genuine industrial-strength warehouse fans with enormous blade spans may be found in this section. These supporters are not only impressive in appearance; more importantly, they are impressive in terms of their performance.

The ceiling fans without light category begin with blade spans of sixty inches, and our Fanimation Palmetto is the most enormous ceiling fan without light we provide; it can cover a distance of up to fifty feet across the room. The 84 ” TroposAir Titan, which has a blade span of 84 inches and comes in White, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes, is capable of moving an astounding 14,352 cubic feet of air per minute. It also has a large blade spread. TroposAir also manufactures the Liberator ceiling fan, which is available with three blade spans of 72 inches, 82 inches, and an extra long blade span of 96 inches. These statistics are astounding when compared to the vast majority of name-brand fans that provide these types of huge ceiling fans have no light. In terms of performance, the Liberator is head and shoulders above any other big model fan that we sell.

Fans of a Giant Size with Lights

We have a number of enormous ceiling fans without light that is equipped with lights. The majority of these models come with optional light coverings as standard equipment. Most of our models do not come pre-packaged with a light, however, we do offer integrated LED lights that can be purchased separately and attached to those models.

Even more, we carry the complete and broad array of Chandel-Air fans manufactured by Meyda Lighting. There is a ceiling fan without light tucked away in the design of each of these breathtaking chandeliers, which are a testament to their astounding size. Channel-Air fans may be used to bring beauty and elegance into any living environment, and in addition, they provide the benefit of air movement, which makes the place in which they are used more pleasant to be in.

How to Choose the Right Large Fan for Your Needs

Do not let yourself be tricked by low-end manufacturers who mix lengthy blades with standard-sized motors while you are searching for these kinds of substantial ceiling fans without light. This is an attempt on their part to make their product appear large at a reduced cost; nevertheless, in the end, you will receive a bulky model that does not move the air to the extent that you were anticipating or required. What would be the point, in our opinion, of having a large ceiling fan if it was unable to provide a sufficient quantity of airflow? The usage of too long of blades on a motor that is not powerful enough for them will put too much stress on it, which will lead to overheating and eventually burning the motor out. This is terrible for the fan motor, and it will significantly limit the life span of the motor.

Our enormous ceiling fans are constructed by the industry’s most reputable name brands, including Minka Aire, Fanimation, Craftmade, TroposAir Ceiling Fan Company, and a number of others. Our major brand name suppliers employ specifically engineered high-performance motors, which enable the blades to be turned effortlessly while preventing the motors’ lifespans from being significantly shortened. Our fans will give more airflow since we use the larger and right motor in conjunction with the giant blade size. This is probably the primary reason you are shopping for a massive ceiling fan in the first place. When compared to the products offered by our rivals, the majority of our models come standard with high-performance DC motors. These motors enable the fan to provide even greater levels of airflow while consuming up to 75 percent less power.

There are also outdoor, rustic, modern, and traditional options

Within the vast selection of giant ceiling fans without light that we have available, we have a broad variety of different designs, most of which are quite environmentally friendly. Take, for instance, the modern 8-blade design of the Slipstream fan; it can move an astonishing 8,778 cubic feet per minute of air while consuming just 28 watts of electrical power. The 84 “When operating at top speed, the Fanimation Odyn consumes only 32 watts of power despite having nine blades, a span of seven feet, moving 11,190 CFMs of airflow, and moving only 32 watts of air. These, along with the majority of our other bigger ceiling fan models, utilize cutting-edge technology in the form of direct current (DC) motors. Fans with DC motors are enormous air movers that move a lot of air and are very efficient. In fact, their efficiency is far higher than what is needed by the Energy Star criteria. Because of this, our fans are an excellent option for customers who are looking to reduce their dependence on the electrical grid while simultaneously increasing their level of operational efficacy. The DC motors used in some of our models make it possible to achieve a wider range of speeds. These gigantic DC fans have at least six-speed variants (often more), and they all come with a full-function remote control in addition to the option of in-wall remotes. Conventional ceiling fans without light typically only provide three speeds.

Take your time perusing the extensive variety included within the sections that make up our huge ceiling fans without light category, and keep in mind that these fans may be used indoors as well as outdoors, and come with or without lights. Don’t be afraid to give us a call if you have any concerns about selecting the gigantic ceiling fan that is ideal for you. We will be happy to guide you in locating the ideal large ceiling fan without light that is a great match for the space in which it will be installed.