Top 4 Best Hoverboards

Welcome to the Hoverland of Back to the Future Part II! It’s 2022 and we have just passed 2022, the year the 1989 movie predicted people traveling on hoverboards. Many of us have dreamed of the fun of traveling on them. Well, they’re here folks, and they’ve been around for a while.

How Selecting the Best Hoverboard

Safety First

When deciding which hoverboard would be the best one for you, you certainly should find out which is the safest. This isn’t exactly easy. You’ve probably heard about the cheap versions of hoverboards with low-quality battery packs which have overheated. They even explode at times. The reports do not name names, however, the units that have come from China are suspected to be the culprits. There are far too many to single out the dangerous ones. Your best bet is to select one of the most popular brands or the big names on the market such as Hovertrax, Ninebot, PhunkeeDunk, Swagway and IO Hawk.

Due to the hoverboards causing fires, not only did Amazon remove all hoverboards from its inventory but the US government also mandated a new UL2272 hoverboard certification. In order to get this certification, all the components of electrical systems of hoverboards must be tested in UL laboratories and certified for safety. You can be confident in the safety of a hoverboard if you see the board has a UL 2272 approval stamp.

Look for Hoverboards with the Following Features

The hoverboard you purchase should:

  • Be durable, stable and capable of supporting your weight.
  • Have a smart, self-balancing mechanism that will allow you to balance your weight on two wheels.
  • Have a powerful battery.

Which Hoverboard is for Little Kid Friendly

Hoverboards are not for little kids. They should be purchased only for kids 10 and up. If the board is for a kid, only a model including a handle should be considered. A safe choice would be the Segway designed for small people. If that one isn’t your choice, consider one with a lower maximum speed such 5 MPH at the most. For easier maneuvering, a board with larger tires would be good. For help with balance, the Ninbot’s Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Personal Transporter middle knee rest feature would provide balance assistance.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

A hoverboard might be considered to be expensive by some people. The cost will most likely fall in the $300 to $500 reasonable dollar range. However, the price can go higher. Online retailers, department stores, and other small retailers all offer them for sale at the present time. Remember, the higher the price is; the better the quality will be.

#4: Razor Hovertrax


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The Razor Hovertrax calls themselves self-balancing electric skateboards. However, they are also known to be self-balancing scooters, mini Segways or hoverboards.

Many people believe the reason the Razor Hovertrax is a top seller is its affordable reasonable cost and it’s being backed up by the company. It is essential that it is backed up by a US distributor because of the Chinese knock-offs of similar products. The Razor Hovertrax is UL 2272 certified since the Razor meets the safety standards required by the government.

The Razor Hovertrax is both fast and durable. You can expect to feel comfortable and as stable as possible even when traveling at high speeds due to its responsive gyros sensors. The dual motors of this scooter are super quiet and can power it to go up to a speed of 6mph. The platform design makes it easy to ride, is really stable and allows seamless maneuvering. The maximum weight it can support is 220 pounds. This scooter can be purchased in black, blue and white.

#3: Powerboard by Hoverboard


The Powerboard by Hoverboard offers you a great high-performance experience. You’ll be thrilled with its 8 mph ride that will certainly feel fast. You’ll love the control provided by the balance pressure sensitive sensors.

The Powerboard is offered in an assortment of colors including red, blue, white, green, black, pink, chrome gold and chrome. The LED indicator lights provide handy lighting when you’re riding in the dark and also give the board a futuristic look.

The Powerboard is based in the US. Therefore, since their warehouses are in the US, you can expect the Powerboard you purchase to be shipped in 2 to 3 days anywhere in the country. Being based in the US makes it possible for the manufacturer to offer excellent customer service. It has been reported that when customers have called them, they have always been helpful and friendly. The Powerboard has passed the US government’s rigorous testing for safety and is UL2272 certified.

#2: Swagtron T1


The Swagtron X1 was the popular hoverboard most people purchased. It was a great product and was well-liked as well. The Swagtron T1 is basically the Swagtron X1, but with the new safety features, it is 1,000 times safer.

The new safety features include:

  • Sentry Shield – This feature prevents the hoverboard from bursting into flames. The battery pack has an air-tight aluminum casing designed to prevent fires by preventing the battery from being punctured. The case being air-tight also prevents the battery from catching on fire if the battery is over-charged.
  • SafeStop – When the battery dies, the hoverboard will not stop abruptly. Instead, the speed reduces gradually.
  • Two Modes of Operation – It has a beginner mode of operation and a standard mode of operation. The beginner mode of operation is designed for a novice rider with reduced speed, reduced sensor sensitivity, and increased stabilization levels. This will allow novice riders to learn how to ride more quickly and with fewer accidents.
  • Silicone Gel Layer – The silicone gel layer on the circuit board provides a seal to the main circuit board. It protects the circuit board from moisture and dust and also regulates its temperature keeping the circuit board from overheating.
  • Gear and Stabilizer Change – Traveling downhill is safer because of the change to the gear and stabilizer. The change prevents the SwagTron from speeding up when going downhill. The result is a smoother and more controlled ride.
  • Wider Foot Pads – Wider foot pads with anti-slip and flame retardant material have been added to the scooter. The pads will eliminate the likelihood of your slipping and be falling.
    Polycarbonate Shell – A new shell has been added to the SwagTron that is made with fire-resistant polycarbonate. This material simply won’t melt if exposed to heat, and it is also lighter than the former casing. It has also reduced the total weight to 22 lbs.
  • Quality and Safety Standards – The Swagtron T1 has met the UL2272 self-balancing electric scooters requirements when tested and the UN38.3 safety standard for lithium-ion batteries of the United Nations.

The Swagtron T1 is now 1000 times safer than ever before, and its performance is basically the same as other brands of hoverboards.

#1: Segway MiniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Transporter


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What exactly is the Segway miniPRO? It is a self-balancing personal transporter with two wheels sold exclusively on the online market. Segway transporters were first invented by Dean Kamen fifteen years ago. Segway became an acquisition of Ninebot Inc. in 2022. Ninebot was a transportation robotics company based in Beijing.

The Segway miniPRO may be called a transporter, but it can also be considered an electric scooter. However, its many advanced features make it an electric scooter unlike any others and far superior.

Safety Features

  • UL 2272 Certified — After extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories, the Segway miniPRO has met all the safety requirements to be UL 2272 certified.
  • Precision Sensors — Containing precision sensors makes the transporter stable as it automatically reacts to the movements of the rider.
  • Speed Limit Controls – Speed limit controls are especially convenient for use by children. (Children only age 10 and up should use a hoverboard.)


  • When riding the Ninebot Segway miniPRO, you steer it with your knees instead of your feet as the steering on other hoverboards is done. You will have precision control by simply pressing right or left on its knee bar. This makes the miniPRO easier to maneuver than most other two-wheeled hoverboards.
  • With just the press of a button to start, you’re on your way when riding the Segway. It is not only easy to start, but it is also easier to mount than most personal transporters.
  • Acting as a remote control, the free Bluetooth mobile app of the Ninebot’s Segway allows the rider access to the many features of the transporter such as remote control operation, speed control, vehicle diagnostics, Anti-theft alarm, customization of lights and updates of firmware.
  • The app provides a tutorial including both riding and safety advice as well as other information.


The knee bar is padded in order to maximize comfort. The padding is made with PU foam which is so comfortable you won’t get tired with a long ride. It is also adjustable for the height of the rider.


The Segway can be purchased in either white or black. 1600 watts of power is delivered by its dual motor engine. A full charge of its lithium-ion battery can go 14 miles and last four hours.

The pneumatic tires of the wheels of the miniPRO can travel on just about any outdoor or indoor terrain including packed dirt and pavement. They are also specifically designed for the reinforcement of traction and the absorption of shocks. The tread of the tires is designed to minimize skidding resulting in a safer ride.

The top speed of the miniPRO is 10 mph, and it can climb 15-degree angle slopes. The maximum weight the transporter can carry is 220 lbs.


The above four hoverboards are the only ones available at Each is UL 2272 safety certified at this time. That most likely is the reason others are not available at Amazon since when the fires were reported Amazon removed all hoverboards from their site until the government’s UL 2272 safety certification came on the scene. Anyone considering the purchase of a hoverboard is wise to consider this certification as essential due to the possible fire hazards of hoverboards not certified.