Top 10 Best Geiger Counters

It won’t be the matter anymore for you to find the quality products. Consumers have the freedom to choose to select the right stuff as your own satisfaction. Thus, if you are in need of high-quality equipment to measure ionizing radiation, Geiger counters, get them now in the below article.

Here is a list of top 10 best Geiger counters you should buy

10. Greentest, High Accuracy Radiation Detector, Personal Geiger counter

Greentest, High Accuracy Radiation Detector ,Personal Geiger Counter Nitrate Tester Combo for Fruit and Vegetable White

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This is the new technology and new design for protecting yourself from the harmful environment and substance; keep you and your family healthy. With multi-function: High Accuracy to detect radiation from cell phone, computer, surrounding, Nitrate-tester from fruit and vegetable. It is lightweight, durable, portable and suitable for home kitchen, restaurant, shopping center, food center, etc. Check out for more detail instruction of use from the website. This device has accurately dangerous nitrate content in more than 50 types of fruit and vegetables as well as background radiation and radiation levels of particular object.

9. EcoTester SOEKS Radiation Detector and Nitrate Tester for Food Combo

EcoTester SOEKS Radiation Detector and Nitrate Tester for Food Combo

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EcoTester SOEKS is intended for express analysis of nitrates content in fresh vegetables and fruits as well as for evaluation of the level of radiation background and detection of food products, construction materials contaminated by radioactive elements. It is quick for use to measure in 20 seconds. Analysis of nitrates content is made by measuring the conductivity of high-frequency alternating current in the measured product. Evaluation of radiation background is made by the amount of power of ionizing radiation (gamma rays and beta particles) with taking into consideration x-rays. It is great for home and business use.

8. IMI Inspector Alert V2 Geiger counter

IMI Inspector Alert V2 Geiger Counter

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This high-quality Geiger counter detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation with premium “Pancake” GM sensor with mica window. It is a professional radiation detector with the best material in the industry. It is backed by IMI (International Medcom Inc.), a leader in the field of radiation detection for thirty years. It is used by first responders, medical professionals and environmental protection organizations throughout the world. This includes flat out the best detector for broad-spectrum detection. It features easy to use and to understand LCD and amazingly long battery life. It is made by IMI with the best support available. This designed and built in the USA. It displays dose rate in uSv/hr or mR/hr and the timer allows precise measurement of low-level contamination. Audible Alert feature gives peace of mind. It is perfect for surface contamination detection and awesome for general monitoring applications. This is the latest and most up to date version.

7. The Best Geiger counter For Smartphones – Radiation Detector By FTLAB

The Best Geiger Counter For Smartphones - Radiation Detector By FTLAB - Portable Handy Nuclear Monitor Testing Gamma X-Ray FSG-001

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This is 100% original Smart Geiger Radiation Counter. It’s very light and portable so you can use it everywhere. Smart Geiger is a sub-miniature sensor of cheap price which can detect radioactivity easily and conveniently by connecting to the earphone jack of a smartphone. It indicated radiation coming out from a radioactive substance in dose-rate figure (uSv/h) and informs even by sound, using semiconductor sensor. Smart Geiger is manufactured by R&D specialized company, FT Lab with a sense of mission, which has obtained 3 New Technology Certifications during the last 14 years of its R&D career.

6. Smart Geiger Radiation Counter “Gamma” and “X-Ray” Detector, Designed in Korea

Smart Geiger Radiation Counter Gamma and X-Ray Detector, use of Smartphone Earphone Jack(3.5φ), Semiconductor Sensor, Smartphone App FTLAB in Android Play Store,

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This smart Geiger includes radiation counter detects “Gamma”, “X-Ray” by Semiconductor sensor. Consumers can use Smartphone App “smart Geiger” in Android Play Store or Apple App Store. It has a real-time display of measurement results using Smartphone App “Smart Geiger”. The problem of measurement might be an error is approximately within 30% because there are many different kinds of the smartphone in the market. Therefore, you may leave the exact measurement of radiation dose to an expert, and you can carry out the preliminary simple measurement by inserting Smart Geiger into a smartphone.

5. RADEX ONE Compact Personal Dosimeter, Geiger counter, Radiation detector w/ Software

RADEX ONE Compact Personal Dosimeter, Geiger Counter, Radiation detector w Software

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RADEX ONE, Geiger counter and radiation dosimeter (radioactivity indicator) are designed to measure ambient ionized radiation types Beta, Gamma, and X-ray, the radioactivity of materials and products, as well as the accumulated radiation dose, received. It’s very fast with the immediate result in 10 seconds, the best result in 30 seconds. With its compact and portable design for easy to operate and very accurate, it is the newest Geiger counter from Radex. It has same sensitivity and accuracy as a full-size Geiger counter. You can connect PC via USB cord (provided). For the additional, you can download software from / Support.

4. NukAlert-ER Handheld Geiger counters Radiation Detector

NukAlert-ER Handheld Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter Alarm 0.001 mRhr to 600,000 mRhr

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This can be measured radiation in food, water, puddles, your roof, clothing, air filters, home and car. It includes alarming dosimeter, measures a total dose. Turn Alarm on, it will wake you up. Radiation is silent! Is your home safe? This can help detect low-level contamination to dangerously high levels. It can protect your family. It might no one else has a Geiger counter, alarming dosimeter and fallout meter for this price, stay safe. This uses 2 AA Alkaline, AA NiMH or Lithium Batteries. It has excellent battery life and very easy to use.

3. Onyx Advanced Geiger Counter

Onyx Advanced Geiger Counter

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This Geiger counter is made in the USA. It has a high-resolution display with very accurate and streamlined designed. It is a great ideal for emergency response, a large variety of uses, optimized for surface contamination measurements through the use of its 2 in. pancake Geiger-Mueller tube. It is the smallest and most innovative Geiger counter on the planet. This backed by IMI International Medcom with over 30 years of experience and innovation.

2. Portable Radiation Detector Dosimeter Geiger counters Defender by SOEKS

Portable Radiation Detector Dosimeter Geiger Counter Defender by SOEKS Readings in 10 Seconds Beta Gamma Xray

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SOEKS DEFENDER portable pocket size radiation detector includes 3.5-inch military grade Geiger-Muller Tube SBM 20-1 that is the standard for surveying areas for potentially harmful ionizing radiation levels and for detecting radioactive contamination of food, packages, supplies, equipment and people. Geiger counter DEFENDER is suitable for radiation inspections, and for the detection, measurement, and monitoring of broad spectrum of low energy radionuclides, including Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Check out for more instruction on its website.

1. RADEX RD1212 Advanced Radiation Detector / Geiger counter with Online Software

RADEX RD1212 Advanced Radiation Detector Geiger Counter with Online Software

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This is the newest model from the Radex brand. Previous models RD1503 and RD1706 became quick favorites due to their proven accuracy, friendly simplicity, and how affordable they are compared to almost every other Geiger counter on the market. RADEX RD1212, the radiation detector is designed to evaluate background radioactivity levels of the environment around you as well as check the radioactivity of materials and products. The device has the following capabilities to measure radioactivity, stores measurement results in memory, data transfer to PC, with one click you can assign a location to your data on Google Maps, self-testing, time and date functions, audible alarm, vibration alarm, integrated flashlight, multilingual (Eng, De, Fr, Rus, Jp). RD1212 is the size of a smartphone: small, light, comfortable to handle.

The top 10 best Geiger counters

All in all, all these Geiger counters have been used in various sectors to provide consumers the proper measurement. These are durable and best quality products at a reasonable price for you. Get them now to be your own stuff. They won’t make you feel disappointed.