Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Sets – Buyer’s Guide

What makes gaming keyboards and mouses so great?

Gamers have very particular hardware needs. More than having perfectly ergonomic enhancements to support long hours behind the computer, gaming hardware adds many built-in features that give extra playing advantages.

Most importantly, the best truly “gamer-friendly” keyboards have extra keys that you can program to perform any function you like in games like “World of Warcraft,” for example. These “macro” keys save you time from pressing complex key combinations repeatedly, and they help you prevent mistakes from accidentally pressing the wrong combination when you can just press one button instead.

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List Of The Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Sets

10. The Eleven gaming wireless 2.4G

the keyboard and mouse set comes with a wireless, ergonomic mouse for a super deal.


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This great budget set offers a highly reliable wireless connection for good gameplay speeds. Users love the plug-and-play setup, and the feel of the lightweight, durable keycaps is better than standard keyboards. The mouse features anti-jamming technology and operates on two AAA batteries.

By installing a third-party driver, you can modify the functions of the “forward” and “back” buttons on the mouse. Designed for simplicity and comfort, the mouse performs well even though it’s more basic than most other gaming mice.

9. The DBPOWER mechanical gaming keyboard

a budget-friendly with excellent anti-ghosting capabilities.


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The six vibrant colors of LED backlighting and 104-key anti-ghosting input make this simplified gaming keyboard a joy to play with. Its plug-and-play installation integrates perfectly with all versions of Mac and Windows operating systems too. This keyboard is ideal for those who want to go just one step up from a plastic keyboard, type faster on very strong keys, and don’t need programmable keys.

Get it with the DBPOWER DPI LED Optical seven-buttons

a gaming mouse that has an anti-skid scrolling wheel.


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For the low price you pay, this little mouse packs more than enough valuable features. When you play, it’s totally silent. You can change the DPI settings, and it has LED backlighting of red, green and yellow. Plus, it has four buttons you can configure as you like for each game.

8. The Razer Tarantula

a gaming keyboard lasts at least eight years on average and works well for professional gaming and general use.


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The Tarantula model has rubberized feet for extra keyboard stability and is highly responsive. You get 10 keys that you customize for macros that have backlighting.

Added keys to control functions like zoom rotate and the viewing images at 100 percent of their size also make it very useful for other programs beyond gaming like Photoshop.

Get it with the Razer Orochi Mobile PC

a gaming mouse that’s ambidextrous for more versatile playing options.


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This Bluetooth mouse has a 6,400 DPI rate for great precision. While it does not have all the extra buttons that support intensive “MMOs,” or “massively multiplayer online” games, its size makes it great for traveling and average gaming. It does have four programmable buttons.

7. The SteelSeries 7G

a gaming keyboard has 100 percent anti-ghosting protection.


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Yes, you can actually press every key down at the same time and have all keys register instantly on your computer, which is a huge gaming advantage. It has built-in USB ports too.

Better still, the mechanical switches for the keys allow for faster typing speeds and actions per minute, and all this comes with fast plug-and-play setup.

Get it with the SteelSeries Sensei

the wireless laser gaming mouse that lasts for 30 million clicks.


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The illuminated colors on your mouse’s base station can tell you how much battery life you have left, and you don’t feel any lag time when using it because it’s not a Bluetooth mouse, which makes it super fast. Instead, it uses a 2.4 GHz wireless signal that connects the mouse to the control stand.

6. The Logitech G710 blue mechanical

a gaming keyboard lets you enter commands and type faster with premium Cherry MX blue switches


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Perform the most complex functions at high speed with 110 anti-ghosting keys and six programmable “G” keys that are easily accessible on the left-hand side. You can even adjust the backlighting for your most frequently used arrow keys and the “W,” “A,” “S” and “D” keys independently from the rest of the keyboard to see them better in low lighting.

Get it with the Logitech G602

a gaming Wireless Mouse that has up to 250 continuous hours of battery life


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This mouse boosts your gaming capabilities with 11 programmable buttons. You’ll love the textured grip exterior on both sides that helps eliminate any accidental moves, and the buttons are so sensitive that it only takes a slight press to make your moves.

5. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky mechanical

a gaming keyboard has fully customizable keys and lasts for 60 million keystrokes.


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This keyboard packs USB docks, a headphone jack and up to 16.8 million colors for you to customize it like crazy. The keys are smoother and quieter than most with a shallow activation point that allows for faster, more ergonomic typing speeds.

Get it with the Razer Ouroboros Elite ambidextrous

a wireless gaming mouse with an adjustable “DPI” clutch-trigger for greater precision.


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The ability to change this mouse’s “DPI,” or sensitivity of how many dots per inch your cursor moves on the screen, can help you make much more exact movements in your game.

Its adjustable palm rest makes it feel like a pleasure to use. The mouse is lightweight, and it automatically alerts you when it needs recharging.

4. The Saitek Mad Catz STRIKE7 modular RGB backlit

a gaming keyboard comes with an adaptable metal frame, 24 macro keys, and an LCD touchscreen.


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This keyboard allows you to quickly adjust the volume, open websites, and more functions without disturbing the game by using the built-in touchscreen.

Choose from standard, contoured or rubber-edged keys according to your playing style on this fully backlit keyboard with lights in the color of your choice, plus palm rests for added comfort. The quiet, programmable keys feel like a dream with rapid response time.

Get it with the Mad Catz R.A.T.9

a gaming mouse for PC and Mac that has a fully adjustable grip for your thumb’s length and width.


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Boasting a one-millisecond response time, this mouse will always keep you ahead of your game. You get 18 programmable buttons for every profile you create for super-efficient use. Plus, the two sets of rechargeable batteries last for four days each.

3. The Logitech G15

a gaming keyboard includes a Logitech GamePanel™ LCD screen that shows live updates on your favorite game stats from multiple games all in one place.


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The LCD screen allows you to reply to an instant message from any other program without disturbing your game. With red backlighting and cozy palm rest, late-night playing is a breeze. Program the six macro keys to do different functions in three different modes; plus, a number of profiles you can configure are unlimited.

Get it with the Logitech G700s 910-003584

a rechargeable gaming mouse that’s got 13 programmable controls and up to five profiles for hardcore gaming.


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The switchable scrolling wheel makes this mouse very versatile; change it from free-scroll mode to click-scroll mode instantly. Besides having a speedy response time, it also allows many simultaneous buttons pressing to execute more complex maneuvers faster.

2. The Corsair Gaming K70 RGB LED

Mechanical Keyboard lets you program macros to every key.


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If the dazzling multi-colored backlight display wasn’t attractive enough, this keyboard also allows you to press every key simultaneously for complete anti-ghosting. The ultra-responsive keys allow for faster typing and gaming keystrokes as well. The wrist rest makes it very ergonomic with a durable aluminum body.

Get it with the Corsair Gaming M65 RGB FPS

PC laser mouse that’s more stable by allowing you to tune the center of gravity.


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The sturdy metal body of the mouse gives it a very long lifespan, and you can program every button. Plus, it glides seamlessly across any surface with or without any mouse pad. The top surface offers a perfect grip for better handling, and the DPI rate is fully adjustable too.

1. The Razer Arctosa

gaming keyboard has one of the fastest response times with high-endurance keys.


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This model comes with ultra-modern black-on-black lettering or silver lettering on the black keys if you select the silver edition. Its special wrist support is detachable with rubber grips that allow you to position it in the perfect place for more gaming comfort. Best of all, it has fully programmable macro keys and the durability to endure years of heavy use.

Get it with the Razer Naga Epic rechargeable

wireless MMO PC gaming mouse for games with the most macros.


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With a 12-button thumb grid on the side, this mouse adds a total of 17 MMO-optimized macro buttons to your game! You also get three different side panels to choose the mouse size that fits your hand perfectly.

How do I choose the best wireless gaming mouse and keyboard set for me?

Consider the following features when evaluating keyboard and mouse sets for gaming:

  • Do you play at night or in dim lighting? Then get backlit keyboards for better key visibility.
  • Have you often played games requiring you to press multiple keys together, and they don't register at the right time? With "anti-ghosting" features, every key you press registers every time.
  • When you feel annoyed by having to switch out of your gaming window to check the time or other computer stats, get a keyboard with an LCD screen that won't interrupt your game. Additional keys for media controls eliminate this problem too.
  • If your keyboard letters fade too fast from long playing hours, get laser-etched or rubberized keys that can last for up to 20 years.
  • Is your mouse slow to respond when you move it during time-sensitive games? Get a wireless gaming mouse with lag reduction.
  • When you need faster typing speeds on a keyboard that easily lasts 10 years, go with mechanical switches under your keys, especially the exclusive Cherry MX brand. They're more sensitive, stronger and allow you to type twice as fast.
Top gamers agree that wired keyboards nearly always perform faster, better and more reliably than wireless keyboards. Therefore, our list includes mostly wired keyboards. However, wireless mouses are becoming a more popular option even among gamers because wireless technology is improving all the time. Besides, with a wireless mouse, no wires interfere during the most critical moments of your game so that you have all the freedom to move that you need. For these reasons, we favor wireless mouses on this list.[/su_note"]

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Who is this guide for?

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  • Players of online role-playing games, real-time strategy games, and first-person shooter games.
  • People seeking a keyboard that lasts longer than two years.
  • Those playing games where you need to press more than three keys simultaneously with perfect accuracy.

Here's your takeaway:

While some of these keyboard-and-mouse combinations are available for sale as a set online with greatly discounted prices, these cheaper sets tend to also be budget-quality peripherals that most pro gamers won't recommend. Luckily, Amazon also gives you the flexibility of cheaper shipping options when you buy any keyboard and mouse of your choice at the same time, so you automatically get a slight discount when choosing your own perfect set too.[/su_note"]