Top 10 Best Essential Oils Mosquitos

Essential oils usually come with a plethora of amazing benefits. These oils can be used as an effective ingredient in several beauty products, treatment of wounds and bruises. Studies have shown that essential oils also display the capability of getting of certain insects such as flies, bugs, and mosquitoes. Keep reading the top 10 best essential oils mosquitos to discover more information.

Top 10 Best Essential Oils Mosquitos

10. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

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This peppermint essential oil is great because it does not spread out strong smells that can affect your health. It can leave your skin in a clean and minty smell while being used as a mosquito repellent.

9. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oi

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When talking about proper effectiveness of sleep and relaxation, this product is all you need. If you want to get rid of the ugly face of mosquito and bug bites faster than anticipated, then this Lavender essential oil is a dream product to use.

8. Pine Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil

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Mosquitoes and other insects may unleash annoying and disturbing odors in your home. This pine essential oil is specially designed to help get rid of insect smells. Apart from getting rid of insect odors, the product can as well serve a great repellent against mosquito bites.

7. Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil

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Basic essential oils are used for several great tasks. This product natural ability has made it effective as an insect repellent. Larvicide is found in this basic essential oil, making it a great tool to combat against mosquitoes.

6. Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential Oil

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Found abundantly in Indonesia and India, vetiver has remains a great industrial material. It can be used to make mats and baskets. This vetiver essential oil is a natural repellent to mosquitoes, moths and other harmful insects.

5. Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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The lemon eucalyptus essential oil emanates from gum tree and serves as a great insect repellent. The product is one of the most effective for treating mosquito bites. It can last for a gamut of hours while being effective.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Studies have confirmed that lemongrass essential oils have the strength to combat with insects such as mosquito. The product emanates from C.Nardus that helps to combat mosquito effectively. The insecticidal features of the product repel mosquitoes faster and easily.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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The tea tree essential oil contains an active antibacterial ingredient can as well help to treat acne and pimples. Apart from using the product in the beautification of your skin, it also displays an antifungal ability. Soothing and protecting against painful bites from bugs and mosquitoes is another great benefit of the product.

2. Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip Essential Oil

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The product is known to provide users minty and fresh smell. When it comes to repelling cockroaches and mosquitoes, this product is one of the best to use. Its insect repellent ability is beyond anticipation.

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil

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Mosquitoes can be stressful at night and their bites can cause a huge health complication. This cinnamon essential oil is what you need to repel mosquitoes and other insects from your home. It helps to lower mosquito activity in your environment.


The products in this content are designed to help reduce mosquito and other insect’s activity in your home. These essential oils are effective, durable and efficient in helping you sleep and relax well at home or office. Apart from being used as an effective repellent, these products can also help to beautify your skin. If you are looking to experience total peace of mind while sleeping, then give any of the products above a try.