Top 10 Best eBook Readers

If you love reading any eBooks in your daily life, you should buy the best eBook reader for yourself. This article can recommend some popular and top 10 best eBook readers in 2022 reviews.

The Best eBook Readers

#1. Sungale CD706A eBook Reader

Sungale CD706A 7-Inch eBook Reader

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This eBook reader is supported with a digital LCD screen that has about 480 x 800 pixels resolution. It can support several text, audio, and image formats. Its lithium-ion battery can improve the life of this ebook reader.

#2. Icarus E1051BK E-Reader

Icarus E1051BK - eXceL 9.7 e-reader (Android 4.0) with touchscreen, handwriting and wifi

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When you want to purchase a great eBook reader, this device should be a perfect option for you. It is suitable for displaying any A4 documents and PDFs. Its E-ink touch screen feature can improve the quality of this unit.

#3. iView 700EB eBook Reader

iView 700EB 7-Inch Color LCD Digital E-Book Reader

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This eBook reader can support any types of files and documents. Therefore, you should be able to open any of these files from this eBook reader. It has about 2 GB built-in memory.

#4. Sony PRS-505/LC Blue Digital EBook Reader

Sony PRS-505LC Blue Digital Book Reader

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You can find many people who want to use this eBook reader everyday. This device is supported with e paper display, in order to help you use this reader easily.

#5. Wexler E-Book Reader

E Book Reader E Ink 6 Inch 8gb 1024768 Arc E-ink Screen Wexler Flex One E-book Reader

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This is another recommended eBook reader that has many benefits nowadays. Its reliable Arc E-Ink screen is supported wit 1024 x 728 pixels.

#6. Boyue T62 Dual Core eBook Reader

Boyue T62 8G Dual Core 6 Inch WIFI Android Ebook Reader

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There are some good reviews that come about this eBook reader. It is going to run on Android operating system, so you can get all benefits and flexibility from this unit.

#7. Kobo Slick ER430 Pocket Reader

Kobo Slick ER430 Pocket Reader eReader 4.3-Inch Display 2GB Memory (Expandable)

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This eBook reader is great for all people who want to do any regular businesses, read some documents, and do any other things from this device. It has high resolution color display, so you can use this eBook reader everyday.

#8. Barnes and Noble Nook HD Tablet

Barnes & Noble NOOK HD Tablet 8GB Slate (BNTV400-8GB-SLATE)

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It is easy for you to use this eBook reader from the market. This device has high resolution that can deliver up to 1440 x 900 pixels. It has fully laminated screen, so you can reduce glare and any other uncomfortable feeling with this tablet.

#9. Pinwheel Build-in Memory EBook Reader

PINWHEEL 4GB Build In Memory 6 Ebook Reader Support MP3(D26)

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This eBook reader has about 6 inches e ink screen, in order to offer high-quality performance for all customers. You should be able to hold up to thousands of eBooks. This device has built-in 4GB memory and also a micro SD slot that can support up to 32 GB.

#10. All New Kindle Paperwhite

All-New Kindle Paperwhite, 6 High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

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Many people are interested in getting this eBook reader. This device has the latest technology, so you can accelerate your reading process when using this unit.