Top 10 Best Cheap Best Wall Air Conditioners

When the weather starts to heat up, thoughts will turn into different ways to keep a room chilled out. If central air conditioning is not an option, then wall air conditioners can be an inexpensive and energy-efficient alternative for cooling your home.

Nowadays, more than 6.5 million air conditioning units are sold every year. People normally turn to these units during the summer so as to keep a room cool and comfortable while still saving a lot of energy. According to an energy star, the average household currently spends 13 percent of its utility bill on cooling, so it is very important to choose the right unit.

The Cheap Best Wall Air Conditioners

10. Arctic King AKTW-14ER52 Heat and Cool Air Conditioner

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The Arctic King air conditioner is a unit that is capable of perching perfectly on a wall or window so as to heat or cool rooms of up to 700 sq. ft. It includes a fully functional remote control temperature setting and fan speed allowing users to create the climate they desire from anywhere within range.

The unit also has a washable feature that can ensure the best air quality while the 24-hour timer allows a user to set the on/off times for maximum convenience. The R410a refrigerant ensures that it remains very eco-friendly and if the air conditioner happens to shut off unexpectedly due to the unavailability of power, it will automatically restart to work under the previous settings when power resumes.

9. LG LT123CNR Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

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The LG 123CNR air conditioner is a unit that is designed to work well on small and mid-sized rooms. It comes with features that are convenient such as a remote control and a timer that is programmable. However, it does not come with a sleep mode function and it is not as energy efficient as some other wall air conditioners available today.

The entire unit is bulky and heavy and only offers moderate BTU power compared to other wall air conditioning units. However, it can perform a very good job of pulling moisture out of humid air. All wall air conditioners available today are capable of removing moisture to a certain extent, but the LG 123CNR has been particularly made to be better at this function than other types of air conditioners making it very considerable for people who live in humid areas.

8. Keystone KSTAT 12-1B Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

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The Keystone KSTAT 12-1B is a wall air conditioner that can easily cool an average-sized room and provides complete control of airflow, temperature, and many other features on the device or with the remote control. The programmable timer allows a user to choose when to turn the system on or off and also decide how long it will run.

This unit comes with moderate power and various convenient features for ease of usability. These customizable features and energy efficiency options make it an excellent unit that is capable of keeping your home cool at a very low cost.

7. GE AJCQ10ACF Air Conditioner

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This is a wall air conditioning unit that comes with an average BTU power, some customizable features for convenience and moisture removal capabilities. It is very energy efficient making it capable of saving you a lot of electricity and money in the long run.

This through-the-wall air conditioning unit is can offer high energy efficiency and mid-range cooling power for rooms approximately the size of 425 square feet. Users will also be able to enjoy fan speeds that are customizable and directional louvers as well as a programmable on and off timer to help keep a room cool and comfortable.

6. GE AJCQ12ACF Air Conditioner

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This is a wall air conditioning unit that comes with a reasonable number of British Thermal Units that can cool a room that is medium-sized. Users can be able to control the speed, direction, flow of air, and other features. The unit is capable of completely eliminating the moisture in an air-space and the programmable timer can be used to customize when it runs.

This unit is a very energy-efficient air conditioner that comes with a reasonable amount of cooling power well-suited for rooms that are around 400 square feet in size. It, however, lacks some of the operating modes which most people prefer but in return, offers a variety of options for its fan speeds, temperature, and flow direction. Its multiple Energy Star Certifications allow its users to relax in a well-cooled room without worrying about electricity being misused.

5. 11,500 BTU – ENERGY STAR – 115 volt – 10.6 EER Uni-Fit Series Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner

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The Friedrich US12D10B is a wall air conditioning unit that comes with decent heating and cooling British Thermal Unit power, moisture removal capabilities, and some customizable features that make it convenient. You can easily be able to cool an average-sized room with the 11,500 BTU cooling of the Friedrich wall air conditioner, making it very suitable for people living in apartments.

This wall air conditioning unit is capable of keeping any average-sized room cool. It also very efficient when it comes to moisture removal in an air-space. While it does not have some of the operating modes contained in some of the wall air conditioners available today and its efficiency rating ranks only in the middle pack, it still has most of the important features that will help you keep your room feeling completely comfortable.

4. FRIEDRICH 8000 BTU – ENERGY STAR CP08G10B Chill Series Room Air Conditioner

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The Friedrich CP08G10B Chill Series is an Energy-Star unit that comes with the new refrigerant R32, which has low Global Warming Protection, relatively low flammability, and zero Ozone Depleting Potential. The unit is a very efficient line of conditioners that comes with programmable controls for easy installation and convenient operation.

The Friedrich Chill Series will fit perfectly into any space. The entire unit is lightweight and easy to handle making it easy to install and maintain. It can be installed in a window or through the wall and also includes all installation hardware. The auto air sweep louvers contained in the unit offers ultra-quiet operation and consistent air distribution. It also comes with a timer enabling users to program on/off times making rooms feel very comfortable at the select times they are occupied.

3. Koldfront WTC8001W Through-the-Wall Heat and Cool Air Conditioner

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The Koldfront wall air conditioning unit is capable of providing a room with cool air during the warm summer months and also keeps the room warm during winter. It features a through-the-wall design that makes it completely safe and secure while also helping to eliminate issues whereby outdoor airs seeps inside a room as can be the case in some window units.

The wall air conditioner comes with 8,000 British Thermal Units of cooling power and also 4,200 British Thermal Units of heating power. Users have the option to set their desired temperature using the electronic thermostat and digital display and they can also control other helpful features like the fan speed, 24-hour timer, and energy saver mode.

2. Frigidaire FFTA1233S1 Air Conditioner

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This air conditioning unit comes with a great variety of features that are able to maintain a room’s comfortability when temperatures during the summer begin to rise. It is rated among the highest energy efficient conditioners making it very capable of cooling a room down without raising your electricity bill a lot. It can also remove moisture content from an air-space and includes various operating modes that fit a user’s requirements in any situation.

Cooling only a single room in a home is perfectly reasonable in different types of situations and this air conditioner is a good solution for rooms that are medium-sized. It also has impressive high EER values and airflow numbers that make it stand out against most air conditioners available today. However, the unit lacks a ‘dehumidify only’ mode but offers all other operating options that most people look for in a wall air conditioner. This unit has been well made to ensure that any room in a house remains cool and comfortable during the hot summer seasons.

1. Frigidaire 12,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote Control

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The FFTA1233Q1 stands out as one of the best wall air conditioning units available today capable of cooling a room very quickly while also saving energy. This unit can provide a user with complete control over many temperatures, fan options, and airflow, and its slim build and various Energy Star certifications make it a very fitting choice for a lot of rooms today. Its 12,000 British Thermal Units make it capable of cooling a room of up to 550 square feet very easily.

This unit has an airflow capability of 305 cubic feet which can be very helpful during summer days taking a room that is hot from unbearable to pleasant in a very short time. It also comes in a slim-build design, a lot of power, and various other convenient features such as remote control.

How to Pick the Best Wall Air Conditioner.

There are many types of wall air conditioner brands available today which offer different functions. An air conditioner that is too small will not do a good job when it comes to cooling a room. An air conditioner that is too big will cool so quickly that it won’t have enough time to completely remove the moisture in a room leaving you in a cold and clammy space. So it is important to choose the right unit.
Below are 3 things to consider when choosing a wall air conditioner.

– Noise – Wall air conditioners that are noisy could end up disturbing light sleepers when they are set on low and can distract people in a room when set on high. It is important to try and pick a quiet wall air conditioner which only produces the noise of a running fan.

– Consider where you are placing it – Wall air conditioners generally do a good job of blowing air in one direction. This can be a problem if the position of your wall is not centered. In order to uniformly cool a room, you will need to ensure that air gets directed to the center so it is important to check where your air conditioning unit needs to blow air to and from.

– Intelligent cooling capabilities – Some window air conditioners feature innovative controls that allow you to control and adjust them from your smartphone. They can be often interconnected to other cooling units in your home.


Most air conditioning units are not usually built to be completely quiet since they usually consist of budget-oriented equipment that is meant to fill the gap in most cooling systems. Doing basic maintenance every once in a while on a window air conditioning unit can go a long way in helping it to stay running as best as possible. Maintenance will also help to improve the unit’s lifespan which is normally up to 5 years. Always be sure to go through the above checklist when picking an air conditioning unit for your home and also read other reviews on Amazon and other trusted sites so as to ensure that a window air conditioning unit is right for you.