Top 12 Best 3D Scanners For Automotive & Jewelry

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a 3d scanner? They’re fancy, they’re effective and most importantly – they get the job done. Here’s a short review of the Professional 3D Scanners For Automotive & Jewelry – based on the number of satisfied customers.

Best 3D Scanners For Automotive & Jewelry

Here is a price list of the best 3D scanners for automotive & jewelry

12. TT1 by DAVID Vision Systems

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Boasting a high-quality industrial-grade lens, this scanner has the largest focal range amongst similar-rated models. Its video projector comes equipped with a customized lens giving you a wide dynamic focal range. It has a high-resolution scanner that sadly gives it the hefty price tag.

11. 3D scanner from Matter and Form

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Possibly one of the few 3D scanners utilizing precise laser mapping. With this scanner, you can create 3D scans of (very) small objects and import them directly into your favorite application. Even though the scan quality is faintly impressive, it’s unsuitable for commercial applications.


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Generally speaking, it’s a great scanner – offering the best of both worlds: Convenience and functionality, However, there’s a catch, it won’t pick fine details on shiny objects.

9. Xbox based 3D scanner

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Looking for a cheap alternative? There’s a way to set up an old Xbox Kinect into a 3d scanner. Decent enough for personal use

8. 3D Scanner Kit from BQ

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This scanner is unique in that it’s powered by an open-source project making it the ideal for developers. There’s a huge community online you’ll never get stuck, or worse run out of printing ideas.

7. iPad based -structure sensor

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You’ll get value for your money. Turn your average unused iPad into an advanced 3D scanner and you’ll be capturing data at 30 FPS in real-time.

6. Einscan-S

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You’ll get two scanning modes – the automated scan and the freestyle scan. In the auto mode, place your (small) object onto the spinning turntable, and the scanner will do its magic – to the nearest .1mm. Pretty decent if you ask me

5. Scanify from fuel 3D

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Probably the fastest scanner money could buy. Technically speaking, it takes 3D photos. Who cares? As long as it captures objects in a tenth of a second, well buy it.

4. SLS-2 by DAVID Vision

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It uses unique light scanning and that’s why it has a hefty price tag. Scan anything, insects to elephants. It’s so fast that you won’t believe it exists

3. 3D Systems SENSE2 3D SCANNER

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A user-friendly scanner at a price that won’t scare you away, what more can you ask for? Cal it whatever you want but it’s the best scammer money could buy. Value for money, right?

2. MakerBot Digitizer by MakerBot

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Even though this is one of the company’s most expensive devices, it works by rotating. It has a 3-in-one capability making it the ideal scanner/ printer/ engraver for personal use.

1. Open Filament from XYZprinting

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This scanner accommodates third-party filaments. With their new calibration system, tuning the device is easier than ever. You can adjust anything – from speed to heat, to retraction.

What can you compromise on? When choosing the best scanner, set your priorities right and you won’t have to strain your budget. Let us know what you think.