Everything About 50 Cent & His Bio

Who is 50 Cent?

Curtis Jackson III is more well known by his name 50 Cent 50 Cent has worked as a rapper, a television producer, and as an actor. The album titled “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” which came out in 2022 is how Curtis Jackson III became famous.

50 Cent

Where is he born and when?

Curtis Jackson was born in 1975 in Queens. He was born and spent his childhood in Southern Jamaica, New York. While Curtis was growing up, he only had one parent which was his mother who sold drugs. Curtis lost his mother when she died in a fire but it was never made clear how the fire started. When Curtis Jackson lost his mother, he was only eight years old so he was taken in and cared for by his grandmother.

His Childhood Live?

Curtis Jackson started selling drugs when he was 12 years old. He was arrested at the age of 19 when he tried selling drugs to a cop who was undercover. Police found drugs when they searched his home three weeks later. Instead of facing a three-to-nine year sentence, Curtis Jackson agreed to go to Boot Camp instead.

His adult life and career

Curtis Jackson did not find success as a rapper immediately. Run-DMC offered Curtis Jackson a contract but the album he made with their assistance never came out. Curtis Jackson then made an album with the record company Columbia which was titled “Power Of The Dollar.” That album was never released but most people still heard songs from that album because it was distributed without Curtis Jackson receiving financial compensation.

Everything About 50 Cent & His Bio 1

In 2022, 50 Cent was shot nine times with bullets going through his face, chest, both of his legs, hip, arm, and hand. Curtis has said his voice changed because one bullet took out a tooth and that gap in his mouth brought in the air which changed 50’s voice. The dimples 50 Cent has was also a result of the shooting that almost killed him.

His age

Curtis Jackson is currently 45 years old. Many people believe Curtis Jackson is married but that information is false. Curtis Jackson did have a son born in 1997 but the mother of Curtis Jackson’s son was his girlfriend in 1997 and her name is Shaniqua Tompkins.

His albums

“Get Rich Or Die Tryin” was the album that sold best from 50 Cent because that album sold nine million copies. Some of the most notable songs from that album are “In Da Club” and P.I.M.P. About two years later, 50 Cent released his next album “The Massacre.” That album sold over five million copies. Some of the most notable songs on that album were “Piggy Bank” and “Candy Shop.”

After those two albums, 50 Cent released two more albums but they did not have impressive sales. The year 50 Cent released “The Massacre” he also released a movie that had the same title as his album released in 2022. While the movie “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” does not have positive reviews, it brought in over 12 million dollars the weekend that movie came out in theaters. Worldwide it is reported that the movie brought in over 46 million dollars.

His Instagram

50 Cent does have an Instagram page under the 50 Cent name. Over 26 million fans follow 50 Cent through his Instagram.