7 things you should know about using Coca-Cola

Most people drinking Coca-Cola because they think that it is delicious but they really don’t know other advantages of Coca-Cola.

7 things you should know about using Coca-Cola

#7. Use Coca-Cola to remove rustSONY DSC

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Remove rust coin, pennies

Remove Bolt rust.

Clean car battery terminals

Clean engine

Clean bumper car

Make Chrome to high shine

Remove blacken pots, pour Coca-Cola into blacken pots warm in 15mns and start to clean it a normally.

Use Coca-Cola to clean oil stain from a garage floor

#6. Coca-Cola defrost a frozen and remove dust from glass

Defrost a frozen windshield

Remove bugs and other crud

#5. Coca-Cola make your garden become green forever

Kill slugs and snails, just putting a bowl of Coca-Cola into your garden all bug and other insect will drink it and die soon

Make better compost to plant flower or tree.

#4. Drink Coca-Cola directly

Drink Coca-Cola can help relieve an upset stomach

Drink Coca-Cola to get rid of hiccups

Mix Coca-Cola with Vodka, Chivas, Journey walker to make rum or bourban

Drink it straight as soft drink (none-alcohol)

Drink a can of Coca-Cola everyday can prevent kidney stones.

#3. Use Coca-Cola for party

Put Mentos into Coca-Cola plastic bottle to make an exploding fountain

Make a sweet BBQ sauce

A can of coke roast (Chicken burn) to tenderize and extra flavor.

#2. Use Coca-Cola to clean Things around home

Clean tile grout.

Clean a toilet (Cookpots), you just leave it for a while then flush to clean it.

Use Coca-Cola to mop a floor.

Use 4 liters of Coca-Cola to clean up your dirty water in pool.

Strip paint off mental furniture to be more shine.

Clean your old photo with Coca-Cola

Remove bed smell from clothing, use Coca-Cola to laundry.

Remove blood stain from clothing and fabric

#1. Use Coca-Cola as medical.


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Remove bed smell from your body, use Coca-Cola put on your bed smell area while your get a shower.

Drink Coca-Cola can prevent an asthma attack

Coca-Cola can clean burnt pans from your skin

Use Coca-Cola to neutralize a jellyfish sting instead of urine

Use Coca-Cola mix with lotion to apply onto your skin to get silky skin.

Make hair curly, use Coca-Cola shampoo.

Remove gum from your hair and cloth, pour Coca-Cola in w bowl and gum wipe into it

Remove dye from your hair