The top ten best edge clamps in 2016 reviews

There are many types of clamps available for many different purposes. Some are temporary, as used to position components while fixing them together, others are intended to be permanent. Below are the top ten best angle clamps we highly recommend to everyone who is finding one for the workpiece. You will appreciate the quality of them. Never hesitate to purchase all these products!

Here is the list of top ten edge clamps you should buy

#10. Bessey B-Ec3 3-Way Edge Clamp

Bessey B-Ec3 3-Way Edge Clamp

Bessey B-EC3 3-Way Edge Clamp has grown to be the largest clamp manufacturer in the world, distributing some 1300 different clamping tools in 90 countries worldwide. Bessey cutting technologies represent a tradition in the manufacture of tin snips going back more than 70 years. General duty 3-way edge clamp for basic edging projects works to hold down edging on corners and irregular angles.

#9. O.C. White 114401-B Replacement Table Edge Clamp

O.C. White 114401-B Replacement Table Edge Clamp for Big EyeVision-LiteStandard Magnilite, Black

The O.C. White Heavy Duty Clamp Mount is designed to mount O.C. White Microphone Arms. The mount will clamp to the edge of any desk or tabletop to provide a rigid, adjustable mounting fixture. A screw-down fitting secures the microphone arm in place. The Clamp Mount is an ideal solution for studios without sufficient space or for temporary installations.

#8. Bora 540902 2 Pcs Clamp Edge Tool Guide Set

Bora 540902 2 Pcs Clamp Edge Tool Guide Set

BORA Clamp Edge tool guides are ideal for all types of woodworking, cabinet making and DIY applications. Clamping tool guides feature an aircraft grade extruded aluminum body for straight accurate cuts and rigid clamping. Exclusive swivel head design allows Clamp Edge tool guide to firmly clamp angles for flexibility in many clamping and cutting applications. Each unit includes integrated hanging loop for convenient storage. Size denotes maximum clamping capacity.

#7. Bessey EKT55 One-Handed Edge Clamp

Bessey EKT55 One-Handed Edge Clamp

Tightening the clamp and securing the edge are affected by simply twisting the handle. To clamp beading and edging strips to flat panels, a clamp is needed which prevents the material from slipping, does no harm to the clamped surfaces and provides a secure hold while, at the same time, permitting the clamped parts to be realigned if necessary. The maximum pressure applied to the edge is 450-500 lbs; the spindle travel of the pressure plate is 1-3/4 in. Panels of between 3/8 in. and 2 in. thickness can be clamped.

#6. CMT PGC-50 Professional Straight Edge Clamp

CMT PGC-50 Professional Straight Edge Clamp (50-Inch)

Used as a fence for your bandsaw, drill press or even as an auxiliary fence on your router table or table saw, CMT’s professional straight edge clamps represent a two-in-one tool, allowing you to either use them as an edge guide, or to easily clamp your boards or any object for woodworking. Sturdy jaws hold your workpiece to the full length of the clamp without any side-to-side play. Adjustable scale and two T-tracks allow you to use many accessories. Made of extruded aluminum for easy carriage and enhanced durability.

#5. Te-Co 33819 Nuzzler Black Oxide 1018 Steel Low Grip Edge Clamp

Te-Co 33819 Nuzzler Black Oxide 1018 Steel Low Grip Edge Clamp, 516 Bolt Size, 2-38 Length x 1 Width x 58 Height

Features a double-action, adjustable nose which exerts clamping pressures both downward and inward through a 45 degree angle. Noses have serrations for better gripping of non-finished or semi-finished workpieces. Tapered slots prevent clamp from sliding off the workpiece during tightening. Low profile nose provides a greater machining clearance. Material is 1018 steel with black oxide finish. Clamp washer included with each edge clamp.



The Pro-Grip straight edge clamp is an obstruction free, easy to use straight edge. A perfect woodworking combination edge guide and clamp system. Quick, easy and adjustable edge to edge clamping with low profile jaws that don’t get in the way. Triple cam lock lever for easily securing your stock or your clamp to the table top surface.

#3. Stella Lighting Stella Edge Clamp

Stella Lighting Stella Edge Clamp Light, White

Enjoy a lamp that features five stages of dimming and Tri-Spectrum Technology allowing for three different light spectrums (warm natural and cool white colors). Uses ultra-efficient LED technology which produces more light and virtually no heat. LED lights mean no bulbs to replace as LED provide 50000+ hours of light. Created with the creative individual in mind and lets you put the light you need exactly where you need it. This 16×7-3/4×3 inch package contains one 10W LED clamp lamp that has an adjustable arm an AC adapter a user manual a ABS Case with a steel C-Clamp and a DC power socket.

#2.  Luxo 18115LG KFM LED Illuminated Magnifier, 45″ Arm, 5 Diopter, Edge Clamp

Luxo 18115LG KFM LED Illuminated Magnifier, 45 Arm, 5 Diopter, Edge Clamp, Light Gray

KFM LED is Luxo’s newest and most energy-efficient, addition to its growing line of KFM Magnifiers. Now with a dimmable 9W LED light source which produces 2500 lux at 12″ working distance, it produces nearly 75% greater light output than traditional KFM models. A 9/4 hour automatic shut-off feature further ensures energy savings. Complete with a 5-diopter (2.25X) optical quality glass lens, the KFM LED is ideal for any inspection or assembly operation. No knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust – a flexible, self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design allows the lamp head to be secured in any position. A fully-enclosed neck assembly and 45″ reach heavy-duty internal-spring K-arm for environments where cleanliness and sanitation are sought.

#1. E.Emerson Tool T20958 All-In-One Twin Clamp, 12″

E.Emerson Tool T20958 All-In-One Twin Clamp, 12

These clamps function smoothly and save you so much time and effort you will wonder how you ever did without them. The E. Emerson All-In-One Contractor Twin Straight Edge Bench Clamp and Tool Guides are designed specifically for assembly projects. The twin has two clamps built into one aluminum straight edge. One clamp faces down to hold your work table while the other clamp faces up to hold your project. The Twin is especially effective when used in pairs.

The top ten edge clamps in 2016 review

In woodwork, the edge clamps use clamp heads produced commercially by numerous manufacturers. They are available in various diameter sizes and designs on the market. That’s why this list can help you choosing the best one for your woodwork. We hope you like them.