Top 10 Movies For Kids In 2014 To Keep Them Well Entertained

Eventually, school projects and spelling tests go away with the approach of the summer holiday. This means the parents need to entertain their naughty kids. If the summer heat gets too much for the kids, it is suitable to find wonderful kids’ movies to watch during holiday in order to keep them cool but entertained. Here are the top 10 movies for kids in 2014 review that will keep them well entertained this holiday.

#10. The Smurfs:


In this kids’ movie, the human friends team up with Smurfs to rescue Smurfette who has been abducted by Gargamel because she knows a spell that can be used to change the evil sorcerer Naughties into a real Smurfs. It is an entertaining movie that will attract the attention of the kids.

#9. Monsters University:


This is an appropriate movie to watch with your kids. It is a story of how Sulley and Mike transition from rivals to best friends and how eventually they joined the workforce, Monster Inc.

#8. Superman: Man of Steel:


This is a suitable movie for kids and teens that follows the early years of the life of Clark Kent who came to the earth as an infant. The movie provides steps by steps highlights of Clark’s struggles with growing powers in his adopted world and his decision to apply his superhuman abilities in order to protect himself.

#7. Epic:

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This is one of the most anticipated kid’s movies that provide a story of a teenage girl who got lost in the deep forest while looking for her father. In the forest, the movie uncovers the mysterious world that is full of wondrous creatures and enchanted sights. The gorgeous animation will attract many kids and keep them busy and well occupied during the holiday season.

#6. Iron Man 3:


If your kid doesn’t get scared easily, this is a perfect kid summer movie. It provides a story of Tony Stark who finds his world reduced to rubble and he is supposed to use his instincts and ingenuity in order to protect those closest to him as he plans to destroy his cohorts and enemies. The movie is packed with intense terrorism, bloodless action and frequent mild language.

#5. The Croods:


This is the best 2014 kids movie that is a prehistoric comedy which features the Croods who movies across a land with dangerous and wonderful creatures.

#4. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift:

This is one of the best summer movies for kids that feature the latest Sid and Diego adventures.

#3. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted:


if you need to delight your bored children, then this is one of the perfect movies to entertain them with. Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo join the carnival in order to go back to the Bronx Zoo, the original home. The movie has fabulously flamboyant visuals and globe-trotting tales which will keep your child well entertained.

#2. 21 Jump Street:


This movie deserves the first rank. This is because it provides stories that are quite about what your child likes during the adolescent age.

#1. Happy Feet 2:


When talking about the 2014 best kids’ movies, this is one of the top ranking 2006’s Academy Award winning animated adventure kid movies. This sequel features a lot of family and environmental lessons for kids. The Happy Feet 2 will surely keep your child cool and well entertained during this summer holiday.


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