Top 10 best toy statues for kids in 2016 reviews

How can you find the nicest toy statues with a suitable price? It is not a matter for you now! Get them here from our posting. You can easily get the right one or more for your adorable kids. Check out for more detail description of each product in the below!

Here is a list of top 10 best toy statues for kids in 2016 reviews you should buy

10. Funko Pop! Amethyst-Steven Universe 87

Funko Pop! Amethyst Steven Universe 87

With Amethyst character which you often see it on the show Steven Universe, this absolutely great for your kids to learn and have fun more with this creational toy statue. It is the type of 87 animation series from Vinyl. This Vinyl figure can stand approximately 3.75 inches tall. It is really durable for you to be selective. It is specifically recommended for kids aged of 14 and up. Get this for your beloved child now! This is an affordable price for you!

9. Soledi Funny Dark & Green Clockwork Spring Wind Up Metal Walking Robot

Soledi Funny Dark & Green Clockwork Spring Wind Up Metal Walking Robot Retro Vintage Mechanical Kids Children Toy Gift

This would be great for children. It is a perfect decoration for kids or collectible gift. Kids would be satisfied with its unique collectible tin toy robot features and the excellent detailed lithographs and sturdy construction included. Moreover, it has a funny and attractive feature which can be movable arms and with a spring on the head. Note: Check more detail information about the colors and sizes before purchasing make sure that it is the right one for you. This recommends for children aged 3 years and up.

8. Dark Horse Deluxe Legend of Zelda

Dark Horse Deluxe Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Link Deluxe Collector's Figure

Most children would really love this toy statue from the classic video game. It is officially licensed by Nintendo in Japan. This features link in traditional armor and classic green clothing as a figure stand 10 inches tall. Dark Horse has been named the exclusive North American distributor. Grab this now for your beloved kids!

7. Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Carnage Action Figure

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Carnage Action Figure

This is an amazing toy from the Diamond Select Toys. It is brand new and detailed sculpt by Venom sculptor Jean St. Jean. This includes 16 points of articulation with interchangeable parts and accessories. When you buy this, it comes with a full-color select blister card for shelf display. It is available for children aged from 14 years to 15 years.

6. Metal Fury Performance Top System by Beyblade

Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top System Legendary Bladers Set

With this bladder have three tops clash for a package; kids can start an awesome battle in here. This created in custom top combinations by switching parts. Each set has featured the Fang for defense, Phantom for stamina and Pegasus for the attack.  Get more instruction about its product on its website or product description before using. Be ready to buy this for your own stuff!

5. Toysmith 36-Piece Guardian Knights Action Figure Set

Toysmith 36-Piece Guardian Knights Action Figure Set

You won’t say no to buy this toy for your beloved kids since this is perfect to be selective few or more. It has optional colors based on any colors you prefer half in black and half in silver. Also, there is the particular quantity of 36 figures and the size might be up to 1.8 inches tall (48mm) and the scale approximately 1:35. It is very easy for you to care and use. What is more, it includes the plastic bag with a header card in one package as well as knights, archers, and standard bearers in a variety of poses for hours. This toy is suitable for indoor or outdoor play. This recommended for children aged 5 years and up.

4. Safari Ltd Sea Dragon

Safari Ltd Sea Dragon

This is the stunning new collection of mythical creatures from Safari Ltd. It comes with an extremely realistic dragon figurine. This brings children the fantasy and legend to real life. The sea dragon has been made of a durable hard rubber which Safari takes the pride in providing breathtaking, recreational and value priced creative learning tool included as well. Kids would be excited to receive this from you since tales and myths are studied for a better understanding of the political and cultural state of the ancient Greeks. It is for kids above 3 years.

3. WWE Elite Figure, John Cena

WWE Elite Figure, John Cena

This would be great for the one who loves John Cena. From the TV show of WWE, most of adults and kids love watching their most favorite wrestlers. And now they can get it as a statue. This brings you to the image of many elite collection figures such as Undertaker, Jonh Cena, and so on. It is made of deluxe articulation, iconic ring attire, and accessories. Get all stars of your most favorite in here. It is for children aged from 8 to 12 years.

2. McFarlane Toys Walking Dead TV Daryl Dixon 10″ Deluxe Action Figure

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Daryl Dixon 10 Deluxe Action Figure

Most of you might have ever watched Walking Dead on the TV or in the movie and now it comes up with toys which every parent can buy this for kids. Which one is the most favorite actor? You absolutely like the actor named Norman Reedus. This figure built in a stitched biker vest and portrayed in the iconic angel wings as the same figure as the real one. This includes crossbow, hunting knife and the punch. Your child would satisfy this toy. Remarkably, for poncho accessory comes in the packaging but is not visible until the packaging is opened. This is for kids aged from 13 to 15 years.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

This is an amazing toy statue with dancing Groot figure. It is built in music that you can hear the hit song is called “I want you back”. What is special? With an awesome sensor allows Groot to groove to any sounds and music in the room, for instance, it can dance follow to any sounds that you make or music play. Your child can move and groove along with this unique, fun and excited dancing Groot. Indeed, it does not make you feel disappointed at all based on its nice feature and work. Your kids would really love it. It is great for both boys or girls toy as a special gift. They can keep this in their own room and play with this wonderful statue.

Top 10 best toy statues for kids in 2016 reviews

All in all, these are fabulous toy statues for your lovely kids since they are made from the high-quality material and stunning figures as well as a reasonable price for you to be chosen. Buy them for your beloved child it would be a great gift. Be prepared to grab your own toys in here!