Top 10 Best Thermal Laminators For Office And Small Business In 2015 Reviews

Thermal laminator is an important device that you should have in your office. You can use this powerful device for laminating any documents, cards, and files easily. Here are some of the top 10 best thermal laminators in 2015 reviews.

#10. Purple Cows Thermal Laminator

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator, Includes 100 3 mil Hot Pockets, Assorted Sizes (3016c)

There are many good features from this laminator. It can be warmed up in about 3 – 5 minutes. Its special technology allows you to use less electricity when using this powerful device.

#9. Crenova Thermal Laminator A224+

Crenova A224+ 9 inch Thermal Laminator with Hot and Cold Double Laminating Mode and 2 Roller System High Laminating Speed Support 3 mil to 5 mil Lam

This is another recommended laminator that you can buy from the market. This laminator has double laminating mode and also 2 roller system, in order to deliver great performance and quality of this laminator.

#8. Apache Professional Thermal Laminator

Apache AL18P Professional HotCold 18 A3 4 Roller Thermal Laminator for Documents and Photos. Includes a 20 Pack of Standard 5 and 3 mil Laminator Po

When you want to purchase a good laminator for documents and pictures, you can buy this unit now. This heavy duty laminator has heavy duty steel construction, so you can use this unit for a very long time.

#7. BluSmart Thermal Laminator

Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System 3 mil to 5 mil Laminating Pouch Document Photo Lamination High Laminating Speed Laminating Machine

This is another high quality laminator that has some useful features for all customers. It can be a perfect solution for home, office, and any other purposes. Its preheating procedure only requires about 3 – 4 minutes.

#6. Bonsaii L307-A Thermal Laminator

Bonsaii L307-A A3 Document Photo Thermal Laminator, Quick 3 mins Warm-up, Laminates Items up to 13 Inches Wide, High Laminating Speed, Jam-Release S

There are many good reviews about this laminator. You can use this powerful unit for laminating any documents, photos, and files immediately. It is able to laminate any items for up to 13 inches wide.

#5. Royal Sovereign Thermal Laminator CS-923

Royal Sovereign 9-Inch Laminator (CS-923)

This is another popular thermal laminator that you can use regularly. Its laminating speed can reach up to 0.82 feet per minute. This unit has about 9.0 inches maximum entry width, so you can use this laminator for any purposes.

#4. Swingline Thermal Laminator Inspire Plus

Swingline Thermal Laminator, Inspire Plus, Quick Warm-Up, Includes Laminating Pouches, WhiteBlue (1701863ECR)

You are going to feel comfortable when using this laminator. This unit is very well-known for its quick warm-up procedure. Therefore, you can use this laminator very quickly. Its jam release lever allows you to reduce the risk of jam with this laminator.

#3. Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator TL906

Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator, 2 Roller System (TL906)

There are many good reviews that talk about this laminator. You can warm up this device in less than 5 minutes. When you want to start using this device, you can watch its indicator light.

#2. Black and Decker Flash Fast Thermal Laminator LAM95

BLACK + DECKER Flash 9.5 Fast Heat Thermal Laminator, HotCold (LAM95)

This laminator can bring many benefits for all customers. You should be able to warm up this device completely in less than 120 seconds. This unit is about twice as faster as the regular or standard laminators. It is able to laminate any documents for up to 9.5 inches wide.

#1. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

There are many benefits that are offered by this thermal laminator. This device can be used to laminate any items for up to 9 inches wide. There are 2 main position temperature settings that are available in this unit. It is able to laminate any items for up to 5 millimeters thick.

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