Top 10 best stun guns In 2016 reviews

Security is always something that many of us do not give much consideration at all. You can ensure your security without injuring the attacker with stun guns. Here are the best of them in market.

Top 10 best stun guns In 2016 reviews

10. Streetwise Security Guard Stun Gun

Streetwise Security Products Pink Lady Life Guard 6,500,000 Stun Gun

This is the stun gun with 6500000 volt which can make the attacker disabled. It is portable and light weighted too. It comes with LED flashlight too.It is portable, light , and also produces a jolt of electricity that stop person allows free for security . It is also stable, has a stop pin that avoids attackers from switching the product on you, additionally an simple to use slide out plug for simpler recharging while drained.

9. Guard Dog Stun Gun

Guard Dog Hotline Cell Phone Stun Gun 3,600,000

It is the stun gun themed of a cell phone and can generate 3600000 volts. It is comfortable and durable too. It has got Led flashlight and also has a rechargeable battery.

8. Aegis 20,000000 Mini Stun Gun

Aegis 20000000 High Power Mini Stun Gun [No Disable Pin Model] with 1W LED Light (Rechargeable, Built-in Plug)

This is the one which comes with such high power and voltage of 20000000 that it can be used for keeping yourself safe by making the attacker disabled. It is durable, light ad very powerful. It also comes with LED light.

7. Sabre Tactical Stun Gun

SABRE S-1000SF Tactical Stun Gun with Built-in LED flashlight - Holster, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, Power Cord, and Warranty Included

It is affordable and light stun gun along with 2.3mA. It can be used for neutralizing threats that has worn jackets or sweaters. It has got LED light with it.

6. Police Stun Gun

Police 25,000,000V Stun Gun with Flashlight

It has got 25000000 volts and need very less maintenance. It is durable and light with LED flashlight.You also acquire an on and off security switch and stable prongs that produce intimidating noise.

5. Hornet Stun Gun

Hornet Keychain Stun Gun 6,000,000 with LED Flashlight

It is a stun gun with 6000000 volts. It can be used to attack key with it. It has git Led light and is also reliable.

4. Monster SG Stun Gun

Monster SG-M18000BK-P Rechargeable Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

It is the one that produce 18000000 volts and is very durable with LED light.

3, Guard Dog Security 6000000 Volt Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security 6000000-volt Flashlight Stun Gun with 4 Prongs and 2 Sparks

It is also the stun gun that comes with a LED. It is highly durable.You obtain a restricted lifetime Guard Dog guarantee with every purchase.

2. Ruger Stun Gun

Tornado RSG1MVB 1 Million-volt Stun Gun with Flashlight

It has got 1 million volts produced by it and is also highly durable with LED light.

1.VIPERTEK VTS 989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 53,000,000 V Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

It is the stun gun with better compactness and portability. It produce 53000000 volts.