Top 10 best receipt printers for your business purposes in 2016 reviews

One of the typically useful devices for the running of business in today’s busy world is receipt printer. It is used to print receipts for business purposes. And it can connect to your computer via an Ethernet cable, USB, serial, or parallel connection.  There are several main types of receipt printers available on the current market. The choice of which receipt printer to buy depends on factors such as how often the printer will be used, how fast the printer must be, and whether the receipt needs to be printed in different colors. Thoroughly mentioning about the top ten best receipt printers in the article below will help you buyers determine which printer is right for you.

Here is a list of top 10 best receipt printers you should buy

#10. Symcode MJ-8250 POS Thermal Receipt Printer

Symcode MJ-8250 POS Thermal Receipt Printer - USB, Ethernet  LAN, & Serial Port - Auto Cutter - Cash Drawer Port - Paper Width 3 18 (80mm) - Works on Windows XPVista788.110 Uses

The Symcode MJ-8250 POS Thermal Receipt Printer is considered the fastest type of its class. This fast thermal receipt printer is often used in retail and fast food service establishments where customers must move through the cashier line quickly. It has 3 interfaces so it can be printed via USB cable, Serial cable or even shared the printer by many different computers via Ethernet/LAN. With its thermal, you will never need to replace an ink cartridge again. Multi-languages are compatible with it. Its price is very suitable with its beneficial functions. Let always be with it if you are in need!

#9. Arkscan® AS80USE Ethernet

Arkscan® AS80USE Ethernet  LAN, USB & Serial 3-IN-1 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer High Speed Auto Cutter

Low-Noise mechanism, the Arkscan AS80USE receipt printer can perform high-speed and high-quality printing yet perfectly serves a nice decoration. Arkscan AS80USE / RP80USE 3-In-1 interfaces allows to print via USB cable, Serial cable or even share a same printer by many different computers via Ethernet/LAN. The Multi I/O interfaces provide the printer with good connectivity to various systems or POS solutions. And the printer comes with various drivers, Windows Software Driver (Windows2000/XP/7/VISTA). The ultra-speed, 250 mm / sec, the printing speed is capable to fulfill most of the retail and restaurant application needs. With its multi benefits and elegant appearance, you should not hesitate to get one as yours!

#8. Star Micronics

Star Micronics, SM-T300I-DB50, Durable Portable Receipt Printer, 3, BluetoothSerial for iOSAndroidWindows, Tear Bar, Power Supply Incl.

The Star Micronics sm-t300i portable mobile Bluetooth thermal receipt printer that looks very elegant and captivating is approved by apple, Inc. Via mfi Certification for use with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Moreover, its ability to pair with iOS, Android and other popular mobile platforms, the sm-t300i has easy drop in & print paper loading, a reliable and quick print speed of 75mm per second, and an intuitive LCD display. The sm-t300i also allows for restaurant servers and clerks working in demanding retail and hospitality environments to print standard three inch format receipts wherever they need to. Also available is the sm-t301i which includes an integrated magnetic stripe reader.

#7. BEMATECH 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

BEMATECH 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer with Autocutter LR2000

The BEMATECH 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer is considered as one of the fastest Thermal Receipt Printers among its class, which it is able to print of up to 9.8In per second (250 mm/s). And it is available with usb, rs232 and Ethernet interfaces. Lr2000 thermal printer optimizes the checkout process and helps accelerate transactions at the point of sale. The wide range of software tools assist in quick and easy setup of the lr2000 printers in any retail or hospitality environment. It comes with the nicest and the most attractive appearance ever! Please allow it to be one of your special members from now on!

#6.  Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer

Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer

This Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer is typically designed with the top-notch quality and the elegant image ever. The product’s brand name is Epson. It is compatible with gray color. It works very smoothly, fast, and perfectly. It is easy to set up and install. Also, it has been recognized with its great quality by customers all around the world. Therefore, Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer C31C517653 71 has recently been the most popular one among its users. It is exactly as described. You should have one as your possession right away!

#5. Samsung Kps SRP270C Impact Receipt Printer

Samsung Kps SRP270C Impact Receipt Printer USB Dark Grey Ac

The Samsung Kps SRP270C Impact Receipt Printer is one of the best types of impact receipt printers, also known as a dot matrix receipt printer. It uses an ink ribbon to print the receipts. This BIXOLON SRP-270 is a high quality, reliable dot matrix receipt printer. It is an ideal printer for point of sale and hospitality applications. The modular userfriendly design, graphics capability, and 4.6 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design. It comes with the nice appearance design and special price ever!

#4. 58 mm USB Small Bills Thermal Dot Receipt Printer

58 mm USB Small Bills Thermal Dot Receipt Printer + 1 Paper Roll Full

The 58 mm USB Small Bills Thermal Dot Receipt Printer + One Free Paper Roll Full Features is slightly smaller than the others else in its list; however, it gives  great benefits to users. It uses built-in data buffer (when printing can receive print data) and it has optional communication interface, parallel port/serial port, enlarged character printing, and adjustable characters for line spacing. It supports different densities bitmap and downloaded graphics and also fast bitmap printing. This is Compatible with ESC / POS print commands set. It is quite attractive and nice!

#3. Star Micronics TSP654II Direct Thermal Printer

Star Micronics TSP654II Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Wall Mount - Receipt Print

This Star Micronics TSP654II Direct Thermal Printer is approved for use with the iPod Touch&reg, iPhone, reg, and iPad&reg. Its operating system supports for iOS, Android and Windows. It features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in fast-paced point of sales environments. And it allows for a quick connection without the hassle of a passkey or having to choose between iOS and Android modes. Also, it offers unrivalled processing power and outstanding data throughput. In addition, it is equipped with easy “drop in and print” paper loading, small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter. Therefore, the TSP650II BTi is a welcomed addition to any POS system. What a great receipt printer!

#2. TM-U220B

TM-U220B, Impact, two-color printing, 6 lps, Serial interface only, Power supply, Dark gray

The TM-U220B is another product of the best receipt printers manufactured by Epson. Its print color just is for monochrome. It is compact, reliable and optimized for high-speed throughput. It offers all the easy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries and two-color printing to highlight special offers, kitchen orders and impact full logos. In addition, the TM-U220B printer have been designed to be 100% compatible with existing systems that currently use a TM-U200 printer. It is suitable in gray color.

#1. Bixolon SRP-350IIICOSG

Bixolon SRP-350IIICOSG. SerialUSB Thermal Receipt Printer


This is the perfect Serial/USB Thermal Receipt Printers.  It comes with overall height: 5.74  inches, overall length: 7.99  inches and overall width: 5.7  inches. It has black, serial and USB interface with power supply included. Its dimension is 5.7 x 5.8 x 8 inches and it has weight 6.2 pounds. With its great overal look and best quality, it has turned to be the most popular one among its cumstomers all over the world.

Top ten best receipt printers in 2016 review

With the perfect receipt printers mentioned completely in the above article, they would ease you to print receipts for your business purposes effectively.  They come with the best quality and suitable price ever. And also they are available on the global market nowadays. Please get one as your own right away!