Top 10 best platform trucks in 2016 reviews

Platform trucks always provide you the best work to remove or lift up heavy things quickly from one to another. Without worrying of choosing the wrong products, you can check all quality platform trucks, which are right here to help reducing energy loss.

Here is a list of top 10 best platform truck you should buy

#10. Sparco Folding Platform Truck

Sparco Folding Platform Truck, 660 lbs., 24-34 x 36 x 29-12 Inches, Blue (SPR02040)

You can save space and easy use with folding platform truck from Sparco, which features 1inch tubular steel handles and a platform that is 8 inch from the floor. It also includes PVC surround bumper that helps to protect walls and furniture while using. Especially, this platform truck has handle folds down for easy storage when you stop using.

#9. Roughneck Modular Platform Truck – 1/2ton, 28in. x 40in.

Roughneck Modular Platform Truck - 12ton, 28in. x 40in.

The Roughneck Modular Platform Truck features ideal for transporting a variety of goods and materials in the factory and warehouse. With its main feature, includes 28 inch x plywood deck with detachable sides and end panels. It is made of durable steel frame and sturdy welded construction as well as it is removable 28 3/16in.L handles on both sides for extra versatility. Especially, this product rolls smoothly on 2 fixed and 2 swivel 8in. and roller bearing wheels with solid rubber tires

#8. Vestil FPT-2133 Plastic Platform Truck with Fold Down Handle

Vestil FPT-2133 Plastic Platform Truck with Fold Down Handle, 500 lbs Capacity, 33 Length x 21 Width x 6-12 Height Deck

Vestil provides tough, high impact-resistant plastic construction is virtually maintenance free. Industrial grade plastic deck will not rust, dent, chip, or discolor. A 1/2″ lip runs along the perimeter of the deck to help retain cargo. Anyway, the steel 36″ high steel handle folds down for storage. Units roll smoothly on two rigid and two swivel poly-on-poly casters. Deck measures 33″ length by 21″ width by 6-1/2″ height. Caster measures 4″ diameter by 1-1/4″ tread width wheel.

#7. Mighty Lift FD300 Single Level Folding Platform Truck

Mighty Lift FD300 Single Level Folding Platform Truck, 2 Swivels and 2 Rigids, Net Weight 36 lb, 660 lb Capacity, 24 x 36 Deck Size, 5 x 1.5 Caster Size

Mighty Lift always provides you a good quality of single level folding platform truck, which includes two swivels and two rigid. This product is also built up high density plastic construction platform and honeycomb bottom construction platform for durable lifespan. Also, it includes ergonomic 36 inch folding handle and low-noise caster design.

#6. Wesco Industrial Products 272266 12 Gauge Steel Platform Truck

Wesco Industrial Products 272266 12 Gauge Steel Platform Truck, 4000 Pound Capacity, 36 Length x 24 Width Platform

Wesco platform truck is built up heavy duty 12 gauge steel reinforced welded construction, which constructed for both standard corner or diamond caster mounting pattern. The overall measures 24-inches width by 2-inches height by 39-1/2-inches depth and platform measures 36-inches length by 24-inches width. In addition to 32-inches high handles from platform top of 4000 pounds capacity.  Removable two cross-brace handle can be inserted in either end.

#5. Vestil FAT-1829 Aluminum Platform Truck with Folding Handle

Vestil FAT-1829 Aluminum Platform Truck with Folding Handle, 330 lbs Capacity, 29 Length x 18 Width x 6-12 Height Deck

Are you facing any difficulty during moving of supplies, forms, files, office equipment, or any others? It does not matter for you at all you can save of energy loss with Vestil platform truck with folding handle. The compact size is ideal for use on delivery vehicles. It mainly features a steel handle which folds down for storage and equipped with easy rolling 4″ x 1″ rubber casters, two rigid and two swivels. This product is intended strictly for use in professional and industrial environments.

#4. Little Giant NBB-2460-10P Steel Deck Cushion-Load Platform Truck

Little Giant NBB-2460-10P Steel Deck Cushion-Load Platform Truck with 10 Pneumatic Wheels, 1500 lbs Capacity, 60 Length x 24 Width

This product makes a feature of 4-ply full pneumatic wheels that can absorb shock and reduce vibration. Anyway, inflation pressure of tires can be adjusted to provide desired level of cushion. Pneumatic wheel features great cushion ride over rough floor surfaces which is the best option for traveling over small obstructions or outdoor applications.  Like an automotive tire, an air filled rubber tire on a metal hub is able to easily roll over uneven surfaces and bumps, but it also requires air pressure management.  It has a removable crossbar handle with 2 rigid and 2 swivel casters; platform measures 60 inches length by 24 inches width.

#3. RWM Casters PT-CA Steel Folding Handle Platform Trucks

RWM Casters PT-CA Steel Folding Handle Platform Trucks, 330 lbs Capacity, 28 Length x 16 Width x 32-12 Height

With RWM Caster will help you to move supplies, files, office equipment, tools, samples or electronics to any other place upon your requirement. Since, you do not need to care much of spending much energy on heavy lifting by your bare hands at all. Furthermore, it features steers easily with 4″ hard rubber casters two rigid and two swivels.

#2. i-Liftequip BF3060 Aluminum Platform Truck

i-Liftequip BF3060 Aluminum Platform Truck, 3000 lbs Capacity, 60 Length x 30 Width

The i-Lift aluminum platform truck is ideal for use in office, stock room, warehouse, dock area, or laboratory applications with 3000 Pounds capacity. It has a platform height of 10.2-inches and platform measures 60-inches length by 30-inches width.  Especially, this item is a professional appearance and highly durable such as lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It is unitized box frame is made of high strength welded aluminum channel with heavy duty deck.  Corner sockets at both ends of the platform for handle to be used on either or both ends of the truck.

#1. Roughneck Platform Truck – 1,000lb. Capacity

Roughneck Platform Truck - 1,000lb. Capacity, 30in. x 50in.

Let make your life easier with Roughneck! You will know how great this platform is, with its high capacity up to 1,000lb. Anyway, platform truck is big with its pneumatic casters are smooth and quiet. Most importantly, push handle is removable for oversized loadings and easy storage of unit. By the way, it is made of all-welded solid and smooth steel deck for long performance with durable power-coat finish. Also, there are two rigid and two swivel casters included with air-filled 8in. caster tires to roll your cargo around smoothly and quietly.

Top 10 best platform trucks in 2016 reviews

Indeed, all platform trucks have been stated, are durable and suitable price for all users. You can feel peace of mind getting the right products. Noticeably, customers must determine whether this product complies with requirements applied where the product will be used to avoid any mistakes.