Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Street Lights in 2015 Reviews

Solar street light can be installed on any outdoor areas easily. There are some recommended devices that are available on the market now. Here are top 10 best outdoor solar street lights in 2015 review.

#10. Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Post

Gama Sonic Victorian Solar Lamp Post and Triple Lamp LED Light Fixture, 90-Inch Height, Black Finish #GS-94T-B

This lamp post stands for up to 90 inches tall. This device has about 3 solar lanterns that come with 6 super bright LED lamps. It has cone reflector technology, in order to enhance lighting.

#9. OTTFF Outdoor Solar Powered Street Light

OTTFF Outdoor Solar Powered Street Light Wireless Motion and Night Sensor Area Light 24 LED Lampost

This is another popular solar powered street light on the market. This light has built-in 13200 mAh Lithium ion battery that can support up to 3 days of lighting performance. It has PIR motion sensor and night sensor for supporting your needs.

#8. ACMeshine High Lumens Solar Powered Street Light

ACMESHINE High Lumens Solar Rechargeable Intergreated Powered Street Light Easy Installation All In One Outdoor Solar Street Light with Perfect Design

There are some people who are interested in buying this light for their properties. This street light has automatic operation, in order to save the energy used by this street light.

#7. ADX White Sun Powered LED Solar Light

White Sun Power Smart LED Solar Gutter Night Utility Security Light for indoor outdoor permanent or portable for any house, fence, garden, garage, shed, walkways, stairs - anywhere safety lite.

You can use this solar light in any outdoor areas because it is made from premium waterproof materials. You an simply hang this light on the walls, fences, sheds, and any other flat surfaces.

#6. OxyLED Solar LED Light

[2015 Upgraded] Solar LED Spot Light, OxyLED® E03S LED Solar Spotlight Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light - Waterproof, Adjustable 180°, Auto-onoff light sensor

This is another popular solar powered LED light that can help you use this light in your daily life. This light has about 200 lumen of bright light, in order to provide maximum support for all users.

#5. Nekteh Solar LED Light


There are some good reviews that are available in this LED light. This light has super bright performance, so you can install this LED light on any outdoor areas now. The installation procedure is very simple and easy for all users.

#4. Paradise GL23716BK Solar Powered LED Light

Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light

It is easy for you to use this solar powered LED light, in order to provide bright light on any outdoor areas. This device has charming traditional design that is very useful to improve the look of this unit.

#3. FAMI Waterproof Solar Powered LED Light

FAMI Waterproof Solar Powered LED Light  Wall Light  Security Night Light  Signage Lighting for Outdoor, Perimeter, Fence, Garden, Deck Posts, Garage, Backyard, Trees, Steps, Barn (2 Pack)

It is one of the most popular lamps that you can buy from the market. This LED light is made from waterproof materials, so you can use this light for outdoor space.

#2. Solar Powered Digital LED Light


If you want to buy a good LED light for your outdoor area, you can buy this product now. This LED light has innovated solar microgrid technology that can light up any outdoor spaces easily.

#1. G580X Solar Street Light 730 Lumen Light

G580X Solar Street Light 730 Lumen Full Brightness, with Standalone Guardian PIR Motion Sensor and Lithium Battery

There are some good testimonials that talk about this light. This solar powered street light has about 84 pieces of LED lights that can produce up to 730 lumen.

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