Top 10 Best Network Attached Storages in 2015 Reviews

When you need to find the best storage space for any important files, you can buy the best network attached storage today. Here are some top 10 best network attached storages in 2015 reviews.

#10. TerraMaster F2-NAS2 Cloud Storage

TerraMaster NAS 1.6GHz512MB Network Storage F2-NAS2 Cloud Storage 2 Bays NAS Server RAID Storage All-Aluminum Built Case for Small Business a

It is easy for you to use this network attached storage in your daily life. This device is very well-known for its stability. It is supported by powerful hardware, including 512 MB DDR and also 1.6 GHz CPU.

#9. Buffalo Link Station 421 NAS

BUFFALO LinkStation 421 0 TB 2-Bay for NAS for HomeHome Office (LS421DE)

This network attached storage is very well-known for its powerful DLNA certified, so you can stream any of your favorite media with this device easily. It has high performance processor that can transfer for up to 100 Mb per second.

#8. Zyxel Network Attached Storage

ZyXEL 2-Bay Network Attached Storage and Media Server (NSA320S)

This NAS device is very useful to help you organize all necessary files, documents, and other important items in one location. It has hybrid cloud solution, so you can enjoy its remote backup and also everywhere download feature.

#7. QNAP TS-453 Professional Grade NAS

QNAP TS-453 Pro 4-Bay Professional-grade NAS, Intel 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU with Media Transcoding (TS-453-PRO-US)

This is another popular professional grade NAS that you can buy from the market. You can use this powerful unit, in order to support your own needs now. You can manage, share, and also backup any data easily when using this professional grade NAS.

#6. D-Link ShareCenter Cloud Storage 2000

D-Link ShareCenter Cloud Storage 2000 2-Bay (Diskless) Network Attached Storage (DNS-320L)

When you use this network attached storage unit, you can store any important files to the cloud server easily. This device is protected by its RAID technology, so you can protect your data from any attackers or hackers.

#5. Seagate NAS Diskless Network Attached Drive

Seagate NAS 4-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage Drive (STCU100)

This network attached storage is very useful to help you store any necessary files and documents easily. You are able to centralize your storage space, so you can collaborate all files from your PCs, macs, computers, and many other mobile devices.

#4. Synology DiskStation Diskless Private Cloud NAS

Synology DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless Private Cloud NAS (DS214se)

Many people want to have this NAS unit in their daily life. This device is very well-known for its low power consumption that is about 19 watt. Its hassle free installation procedure can help you operate this unit quickly.

#3. Lenovo IX2 Diskless NAS

Lenovo IX2 2-Bay Diskless Network Storage (70A69003NA)

There are some good features that are offered by this diskless network attached storage unit. This device can provide cost effective shared network space for all customers.

#2. NetGear Ready NAS

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 102 2-Bay Network Attached Storage Diskless (RN10200-100NAS)

This is another popular network attached storage space that you can buy from the market. This NAS unit comes with 5 different levels of protection, so you can protect all files in this storage space securely. Its ReadyCloud application allows you to backup any files automatically.

#1. WD My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage

WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN

When you want to buy a good network attached storage, you should take a look at this device. This powerful unit can backup all files from your computer completely. Its blazing fast file transfer rate is very attractive for most users now.

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