Top 10 Best Model Airplanes In 2015 Reviews

If you are looking for a good model airplane for yourself, you can read some of these top 10 best model airplanes in 2015 reviews here. These units are popular among many people who love any airplanes these days.

#10. Revell B-24D Liberator

Revell B-24D Liberator

This model airplane has detailed landing gear, interior, and also cockpit. You can also find bomb bay doors that can be opened and closed easily. This product also comes with illustrated instructions, so you can setup this model easily.

#9. Guillow’s Cessna Model Kit

Guillow's Cessna 180 Model Kit

There are some good features that you can find from this model. This model has about 20 inches wingspan that can create realistic look on this model airplane. It can be a perfect toy for all kids who are about 10 years old.

#8. Revell SR-71A Blackbird

Revell 172 SR-71A Blackbird

This is another good model plane that you can buy from the market. This airplane has detailed parts that can improve the look and appearance of this plane. This unit has seated pilot and also observer characters.

#7. Daron Skymarks Southwest B737-700 Airplane Model

Daron Skymarks Southwest B737-700 Airplane Model Building Kit, 1130-Scale

There are some people who are planning to buy this model airplane today. Its no-glue construction can help you install and setup this model airplane easily.

#6. Volantex ASW28 Wing Airplane

Volantex ASW28 759-1 2.6m 103 Unibody Scale RC Glider Fixed Wing Airplane (PNP)

This model airplane comes with professional foldable propellers, in order to reduce air resistance from the environment. This device has super big wingspan that can increase the stability of this unit.

#5. United Airlines 777 Airplane from Daron

United Airlines 777 airplane toy plane, RT6266

This model airplane has some useful and great benefits for all customers. It is officially licensed by the United Airlines as its official product. It is made from durable die cast metal and also plastic, in order to provide durability for this unit.

#4. Metal Earth Cessna 172 Model

Metal Earth 3D Metal Model - Cessna 172(Skyhawk)

This model airplane is specially manufactured by using high quality materials, so you can use this model for a long time. It comes with stylish design and innovative look.

#3. Revell B17G Flying Fortress

Revell B17G Flying Fortress 148 Scale

This is another popular model airplane that you can buy from Revell. There are about 148 parts of this model airplane, so you can setup and install this airplane easily.

#2. Boeing Jumbo Jet 763 Model Airplane

Boeing Jumbo Jet 763 Airplane Model Replica Friction Powered with Sound Big Size 14 Long 14 Wide 5 Tall

When you want to buy a good replica for Boeing 763 version, you can look at this unit. It is made from durable plastic that can be maintained and cleaned quickly.

#1. Revell P-51D Mustang Model Airplane

Revell 148 P - 51D Mustang

There are many good features and functions that are offered by this model airplane. This device comes with up to 49 realistic molded pieces, in order to support your needs.

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