Top 10 best lip liners in 2016 reviews

Hey, lady! Selecting the charming color for your lip is one important thing in order to be sexy with a gorgeous look. It makes your lip more pop up and shine. It also will prevent the lipstick to bleed and feature from your lip. Seeking the right lip liner is hard but here is the top ten lip liners model that you can choose as you desire. Check it out, what we got here for you girls!

Here is a list of top 10 best lip liners in 2016 reviews

#10. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner- Fuchsia

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner

Smashbox lip liner is very functional lip liner. It is automatically sharpen once you twist the cap of this lip liner off. It goes smooth and soft on your lip and makes it fuller. This model has many colors selection to match with your lipstick color and blend it as you want. This fuchsia color is very fresh and attractive for the charming lady to wear it on the lip.

#9. COOSA 12pcs Women’s Professional Makeup Lipliner Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil Set

COOSA 12pcs Women's Professional Makeup Lipliner Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil Set

This lip liner is easy to use and make your lip smooth. It is not dry yet it will maintain all day.This model lip liner will come as set with 12 different colors pieces with perfect shade. One piece of this lip liner come as pencil form with approximately 15 cm without a lid. This lip liner is a good choice for a lady to get natural colors. This lip liner color shade will be a little bit darker than it outlook and will last long so be well prepare to scrub it off when you take it off. Hurry! To grab a set for yourself or as a gift your friend.

#8. Professional Grade Lip Liner Pencil – Alexis Vogel Lip Defining Pencil

Professional Grade Lip Liner Pencil

This is a professional lip liner from Alexis Vogel. It performs very well with any lipstick or lip gloss, as this lip liner will keep the lipstick in place. It is very creamy and soft to make you feel fascinating to use it. It will last around 12 hours after applied it. Choose lip liner as your makeup tool kit with Alexis Vogel, model Professional Grade Lip Liner Pencil create a perfect line for your lip with the clear defining.

#7. Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner 0.01 oz

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner is one of the lip liner models which is come with sharpener. It is very creamy because it contains shea butter. It defines the shape of your lip very well. This lip liner also prevents the featuring from any lipstick also. It is a colorless lip liner product which easy to combine with any color of your lipstick. You don’t need to worry that your lip liner or your lipstick won’t go together. Just take this Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner with you, there is nothing to worry anymore.

#6. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip Liner- Mauve 

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip Liner

This Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip liner, Mauve is a great model for an adorable lady. It is very moisture lip liner. It contains around 75% moisture and conditioners. It is very rich and creamy to make your lip moist. The motion of this lip liner is triple conditioner to make the lip flawless and soft. It will last at least around 8 hours. This little lip liner is very amazing makeup tool kit.

#5. DuWop Cosmetics Reverse Lip Liner – Nude

DuWop Cosmetics Reverse Lip Liner

This is a very potential lip liner to get the colorless and matte liner for your lip. As some ladies love the colorless and matte color; it is the best choice lip liner, DuWop Cosmetics Reverse Lip Liner. This also helps to avoid bleeding and featuring the lipstick over the edge of your lip very well. It also includes the sharpener, so that the user can use it very comfortable everywhere to get the lip line plumped and smooth. Any season with this colorless lip liner is perfect for all lady.

#4. L’oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner, Nude for life

L'oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner

This is L’orel Colour Riche Lip Liner, Nude for life, it is very cool for every ladies who in love with the rich colors. Once you draw this lip liner on your lip, it won’t featuring or bleeding your lipstick. This lip liner contains the conditioners such as Vitamin E and Omega 3 to treat your lip smoother and softer. Combining with perfect rich lip color, it has a variety for selection. It comes with 12 different color shades. Wear this rich color lip liner to make it sexy and charming.

#3. Au Naturale Organic Lip Liner Pencil in Plumeria

Au Naturale Organic Lip Liner Pencil in Plumeria

Worrying about allergic of chemical! Here is the special lip liner product, this Au Naturale Organic Lip Liner Pencil in Plumeria does not contain any harsh chemical to cause the problem to your lip. It is vegan product cosmetic for all ladies. This lip liner is very functional to use as it is just around 15 cm long. It will go on your lip very gently and soft for your lip. The charming lady will satisfy with this organic lip liner model. Own one and carry it in your purse anywhere anytime.

#2. Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil W/Brush (Elegant Rose)

Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil W Brush

This lip pencil is a good choice because it is a waterproof lip liner. It helps to prevent the featuring and bleeding of the lipstick from your lip. It makes your lip fuller and beautiful. It will also stay all day till you wipe it off at night yet it is very creamy. This auto lip pencil comes as a pencil lip liner and a soft brush. It will create a perfect line for your lip. Wow! This little two in one makeup tool kit is very cool; you can bring with you everywhere.

#1. Ere Perez – Organic Sesame Lip Liner

Ere Perez

No more chemical apply on your skin or your lip with this organic model lip liner! Ere Perez, the organic sesame lip liner is a natural cosmetic product that lady alway desire to own it. The organic sesame will help to cherish your lip to shine and fresh. It creates a perfectly smooth and soft lip. This lip liner has contained no harsh chemical. It comes as pencil form with a sharpener which is very convenient to use. Use the organic product, to get the healthy and fresh for yourself!

Top ten best lip liners in 2016 reviews

All in all, make a boundary for your lip is another tip to make it much more amazing thing; so choose the best lip liners as makeup tool kit is essential. Make the right decision in choosing lip liner, your lip is fresher and healthier with the soft and smooth natural look.