Top 10 best Griddles in 2016 reviews

Are you having difficulty in choosing the best Griddle for making your own meal? Probably sometimes it is also hard for you to fine the best Griddle since there are a lots of different Griddle styles in the market. Well, no more concern with this as here are the top 10 Griddles which provides you as many functions as you need. And below is the brief description of top 10 best Griddle in which you can order today!

Here is a list of top 10 best Griddles in 2016 reviews you should buy:

#10.Nordic Ware 2 Burner Backsplash Griddle

Nordic Ware 2 Burner Backsplash Griddle

Increasing your warming family by turning your kitchen into a diner for making great breakfasts lunch, or dinner with the Double Burner Backsplash Griddle. This griddle features a raised edge that allows for easy flipping-whether cooking eggs, meats or veggies and is two burners wide. Better than this you can use this item for frying multiple foods at once. Drip reservoir in front collects excess grease and oil, and backsplash prevents spillage.

#9. Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddle

Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Red Dials

With five separate cooking options, this Cuisinart Griddler makes multifunctional in once, it can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and Panini. It is also removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates for easy storage. The sturdy Panini-style handle with hinged floating cover adjusts to thickness of food in order to ensure that everything is perfectly cooked.

#8. All-Clad 99014 GT Electric Griddle

All-Clad 99014 GT Electric Griddle with 20 x 13-Inch Hard Anodized Cooking Surface

With full metal construction with polished stainless steel exterior. Signature cast stainless handles and rivets for easy and secure handling. A generous 20 x 13 inch non-stick cooking surface with drainage slot that allows juices to flow into a removable tray. The two independent side by side can be adjustable thermostats give you freedom to cook foods requiring different cooking temperatures from keep warm at 180F to sear at 480F. The griddle also includes a stainless steel removable anti-splatter guard that keeps counter area clean.

#7. Calphalon Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Double Griddle Cookware

Calphalon Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Double Griddle Cookware

The Calphalon Nonstick Double Griddle brings durability and performance to your kitchen. Its long-lasting nonstick PFOA-free surface consistently delivers delicious results followed by easy cleanup, while the hard-anodized aluminum construction promotes fast and even heating. With the silicone handles you will feel comfortable and ensure a secure grip. In addition, it is designed to sit over two burners on your stovetop, the Double Griddle gives you plenty of room to cook breakfast favorites, including eggs, bacon, pancakes and French toast. You can also use it to grill sandwiches, fry potatoes or hash browns, make quesadillas and more.

#6. Stansport Pre-Seasoned Two Sided Cast Iron Griddle

Stansport Pre-Seasoned Two Sided Cast Iron Griddle

The Stansport Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle is smooth on one side and ribbed on the other for versatile cooking! Nothing beats the heat retention and even heat distribution of cast iron. For the smooth side allow you to turn out eggs, bacon, pancakes and hash browns cooked to perfection. You can flip over to the ribbed side and get those grill marks going on steaks, burgers, and chops.

#5. Stansport Cast Iron Griddle

Stansport Cast Iron Griddle

Cast Iron Griddle is an essential part of any outdoor kitchen which help you to keeps food warm and longer than ordinary pans or griddles. You can even distributes heat when used over an open fire. The ribbed side is great for cooking steaks, use the smooth side for cooking pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and more. You will enjoy having crisp bacon, evenly cooked eggs, and perfectly cooked steak outdoors all the time with this cast iron griddle.

#4. Nordic Ware 2 Burner Griddle

Nordic Ware 2 Burner Griddle 10-14-Inch by 17-12-Inch

This item is marvelous for preparing everything from eggs to sandwiches on the stovetop which is proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware. And made of heavy-weight aluminum construction that perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. The 2 burner griddle is made from heavy weight aluminum and is perfect for indoor and outdoor grilling. Non-stick coated for easy clean up. The 10.25-Inch x 17.5 inchsize will also fit all camp stoves.

#3. Ecolution Double Burner Reversible Griddle

Ecolution Double Burner Reversible Griddle

This Griddle is made of cast aluminum which is heat evenly for perfect cooking results and is rust and warp resistant. Both sides are nonstick for easy release and clean up. You can use this Griddle on two gas or electric burners for a 20-inch by 11-inch cooking surface. On the grill side the diagonal patterns of grooves drain off fat while creating the signature look and texture of grilling.

#2. Brentwood TS-840 Electric Griddle

Brentwood TS-840 Electric Griddle

With its nonstick coating of this item makes it easy to cook with multiple items at once as well as clean up. You can keep what you’ve just cooked warm in the convenient warming drawer as you work on the next batch. In addition, the temperature control is adjustable for greater control and the LED power indicator light never leaves you in doubt whether the unit is turned on. Better than this, the handles remain cool to the touch, and the drip tray is under the griddle and many parts are dishwasher-safe.

#1. Happycall 5 layer Diamond Nonstick BBQ Grill/Griddle

Happycall 5 layer Diamond Nonstick BBQ GrillGriddle

This Happy call’s unique diamond embossing adds extra non-stick ability, allowing you an easy food release while cooking and convenient cleaning afterwards. For the Crown Base Sits snugly on top of any gas range grate without moving. And this is a unique formulated to create the best non-stick features which no fat or oil is needed but may be used for flavor preference. It is made of forged aluminum for even heat distribution and longer-lasting coating.

The top ten best Griddles in 2016 reviews

As I have mentioned above these great Griddles products consist of several models from various brands, and there are many options in the marketplace right now. Because of these are the awesome products with its quality and new technology I really believe that after reading this article you can’t wait getting one for making your food more special!