Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs In 2015 Reviews

When you look on the market, you can find the best electric wheelchair for yourself easily. You can also read these top 10 best electric wheelchairs in 2015 reviews, so you can compare all great products here.

#10. Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

This wheelchair is very well-known for its maximum stability and also great performance. Its special active-trac suspension can be used to provide extra stability on this wheelchair.

#9. Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Powerful Wheelchair

Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

This unit can travel up to 15 miles on single battery. The optimum speed of this device can reach up to 6 miles per hour. it is easy for you to fold this wheelchair, so you can transport this device from one place to another one easily.

#8. Heavy Duty Climbing Wheelchair from Wheelchair88

4 Wheel Drive Stairs Climbing Wheelchair with Li-ion Battery Pack. This 4x4 is solely by Wheelchair88, for the rugged adventurers.

It is one of the most popular wheelchairs on the market nowadays. When you use this device, you can climb any slopes and also stairs with your wheelchair. It is supported by Lithium ion battery that can provide comfortable use for all customers.

#7. Lightweight Dual Function Wheelchair with Polymer Li-Ion Battery

Lightweight Dual Function Foldable Power Wheelchair (Polymer Li-ion Battery), Drive with Power or use as Manual Wheelchair. (Electric Motorised Wh

This is another good wheel chair that you can buy from the market now. This powerful unit comes with dual function features, so you can use both automatic and manual modes from this wheelchair easily.

#6. Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC 162

Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC 162

When you want to get the best wheelchair for yourself, you should look at this unit now. This electric wheelchair has unique seat storage that can help you store any accessories securely. It has about 300 pounds weight capacity.

#5. IMC Heartway Rumba Electric Wheelchair

IMC Heartway Rumba HP4 power electric wheelchair

It is comfortable for you to use this electric wheelchair everyday. It can be a stylish device for both outdoor and home uses. It has rotating seat that can be folded and stored in this wheelchair securely.

#4. Drive Medical Power Wheelchair

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair with Footrest and Batteries, Black, 16

There are some good features from this wheelchair. It is made from durable steel cross-brace frame that is very well-known for its lightweight and also foldable design. Its programmable controller allows you to use this unit easily.

#3. Beiz Electric Power Portable Wheelchair

NEW electric power portable wheelchairs for disabled and elderly people

This is another recommended portable wheelchair that you can buy from the market nowadays. This electric wheelchair has powerful performance, so you can use this electric unit at anytime you want. It has two small wheels and also two big wheels.

#2. Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair

Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair (Blue)

There are some useful features that you should enjoy from this wheelchair. This chair has adjustable height, so you can manage the position of this electric wheelchair easily. Its footboard can provide comfortable experience for all customers.

#1. Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair

Smart Chair - Electric Wheelchair

This is another recommended wheelchair that is available these days. This wheelchair only weighs for less than 50 pounds, so you can bring this chair at anytime you need easily. It can be folded easily, so you can bring this wheelchair in your vehicle without any problems.

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