Top 10 best cooking torches in 2016 reviews

Do you always wonder what is the chef’s secret behind all those dazzling dishes that look very good to be eaten? Now you can create professionally looking and tasting, mouth-watering desserts and specialty dishes with our Professional Cooking Torch. This cooking torch will easily turn your cooking into works of art. Heads will turn and you will be the talk of the day with your newfound world-class culinary skills. Take this kitchen secret home with you to impress your family and friends like a professional chef.

Here is a list of top 10 best cooking torches in 2016 reviews you should buy:

#10. Iwatani Cooking Torch

Iwatani Cooking Torch - Professional Culinary Butane Crème Brulee and Food Torch Burner

This professional cooking torch for all cooking needs is great with the Iwatani gas cylinder, Bu-5, and BU-6. Become a professional chef and make Creme Brulee and other fine foods to impress and make for friends and family. It is perfect for caramelizing sugar atop your creme brulee, glazing a baked ham for the holidays, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. What special is, you can adjustable gas flow control for small to large flame size and air regulating knob.

#9. Culinary Torch Professional Creme Brulee Torch or Cooking Torch

Culinary Torch ● Professional Creme Brulee Torch or Cooking Torch for Home Kitchen ● Best Butane Blow Torch for Cooking, Baking and many more ● Refillable With Lifetime guarantee

This professional and premium quality Cooking Torch is used by the best chefs in the finest restaurants as well as by all amateur cooks in home kitchens. It is made with finest quality materials for long lasting use. If you are looking for touch which makes your cooking simple, this is the one with easily refillable, lights in one click and it is designed for comfortable hand use, to keep your focus only on creating masterpieces. Safety comes first so JB Chef Food torch made with safety lock making you no more concern from accidental activation. Flame adjustment regulator gives you complete control of how small or big you want your flame to be.

#8. BOCHA – High Quality Culinary Creme Brulee Butane Gas Cooking Torch Lighter

BOCHA - High Quality Culinary Creme Brulee Butane Gas Cooking Torch Lighter

Are you looking for your own professional chef? With the BOCHA Cooking Torch no matter you are indoor or outdoor, the portable BOCHA Torch will be by your side when you need it. It’s the perfect tool for cooking, camping, welding, lighting and much more. The BOCHA Torch runs on butane gas and heats up to 1300’C / 2500’F. Simply fill the torch with butane gas and let it sit for 5 minutes to settle. For safety reasons, butane gas is not included with the item. Use responsibly and keep children out of reach. It is very convenience just press the ignition button to start the fire (do not point at face or any combustible material). In sunlight or brightly lit areas the flame may be hard to see, please use carefully and then push the flame lock to create continuous burning. What is more, the flame size can be adjusted by turning the gas flow control knob on the bottom of the device. You may also rotate the airflow valve to adjust the strength.

#7. Professional Cooking Torch

earth - Culinary Torch. Creme Brulee - Cooking Torch

The earth brand Professional Culinary Torch is the newest in our line of highly functional and user-friendly cooking torches. It is perfect for everyday uses from browning to caramelizing. The earth culinary torch was designed with the cooperation with professional chefs and bakers and represents the elite in cooking torches on the market today. This torch is manufactured to the highest quality specifications with the temperature reaching 1500° C/2730° F that meets the demands of professional restaurants, bakeries, homes and outdoor users.

#6.  Butane Cooking Torch – Manno Italiano

Butane Cooking Torch - Manno Italiano

This Cooking Torch is designed to give you complete control over how large or small a flame you want to use based on the needs. The easy to use adjustable flame control keeps your receipt or project right on target each time every time. You get the longest lasting cooking torch butane fuel up to 60 minutes of pure burning and at 2730° F. Moreover, with this cooking torch butane fuel is more than just a creme brulee torch with butane that will help you make the best of the best foods you’ve ever had and it is also great for caramelizing sugar, browning meringue, prepare an aromatic fruit compote.

#5. Apollo Cooking Torch Burner

Apollo Cooking Torch Burner, Multiple Function Flame Gun with 9,725 BTUh, 360 Degree Temper Free Rotation for Creme Brulee

The Apollo Professional Culinary Cooking Torch is the must have a flame gun for professional and home cooks. With 9,725 BTU/h, this torch is cranking out some serious heat. However, bayonet style fitting allows to connect to the most common butane canisters and each canister can lose up to 7.5 hours. The built-in pistol type piezo ignition allows you to summon a flame instantly. What is more, for a safety lock also prevents the torch from accidentally discharging. The Apollo Culinary Torch is perfect for crème Brulee, caramelizing sugars, browning meringues, charring meats and melting cheese on gratins.

#4. Cooking Torch – Ignite the Chef

Cooking Torch - Ignite the Chef Within You with This Easy to Use Professional-Grade Culinary Blowtorch

This cooking torch will easily turn your cooking into works of art. Heads will turn and you will be the talk of the day with your newfound world-class culinary skills. Take your cooking to the world-class level with this culinary torch that is made of the highest quality materials and robust construction for durability. You can impress your family and friends like a professional chef with this cooking torch that comes with anti-glare technology nozzle for precise flame action. This will help you to create unlimited culinary works of art easily and conveniently with its piezo ignition system that guarantees sure-fire results and it’s fuel gauge window that indicates when to refill the gas. Enjoy the mobility of this refillable butane torch that burns at 2730ºF / 1500ºC and lasts up to 60 minutes, which is perfect for caramelizing your creme brulee and outdoors use.

#3.  Culinary Torch – Cooking Torch

Culinary Torch - Cooking Torch - Chef's Best Torch

This cooking torch is used by professional chefs around the globe. It enables them to create your favorite dishes to perfection! It is also ideal for the home cook with many uses such as crème Brulee, caramelizing sugar, roasting veggies, broiling fish, browning meat, crisping corn on the cob, etc. Enjoy your camping trips, and family days out at the park, or midnight shores parties with your “flame on the go”! You can use without batteries, plugs, or electricity, your imagination is the limit! Fuel your imagination with butane and you’re ahead of the game.

#2. AGE Multipurpose Butane Cooking Torch

AGE Multipurpose Butane Cooking Torch

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create the perfect dishes shown on a cooking magazine or show from the comfort of your kitchen? Our revolutionary butane torch promises to achieve an eye-catching look for your food and desserts fast and easy! It has an adjustable flame and can be used for a perfect caramelized look or for a dark, burnt appearance!  It features a detachable standing base that allows for no hand, hassle free use! His awesome tool will make your dishes look more appealing and professional instantly! It creates the most desirable crust that everyone loves to see and taste on every food.

#1. Gas One Cooking Torch

Gas One Cooking Torch - Culinary Torch

This Ultra Compact torch offers the ultimate in high scale dining yet doesn’t intimidate amateur cooks. Its sleek shape makes it comfortable to use. It is perfect for cooking and catering such as flaming, caramelizing, browning, adding color and texture to food. Moreover, for the powerful flame temperature up to 2,372 °F. You can also adjustable gas flow control for small to large flame size and air regulating knob. Please get one and then you won’t be disappointed.

Top 10 best cooking torches in reviews

The entire top ten products are a suitable price for you to get one at home. Each product provides its own quality based on its special features.  Cooking Torch can be used even at home, restaurant or any place which you can cook or bake with the same way you do in a common household. It is a useful product which helps you with your cooking time, easy and comfortable for your hand using. Let grab one today and see how great it will be.