Top 10 best skateboard decks in 2016 reviews

Do you want to skate if there is a person asks you like this? What is your answer? If someone asks me this question, I will answer without thinking that I really want to skate. Skateboarding is a good sport for health. We can make our skateboarding movement secure unless we have good quality skateboard deck. There are many famous skateboard decks which are produced from other companies around the world. So I would like to bring this good opportunity to introduce you the top 10 skateboard decks.

Here is a list of top 10 best skateboard decks in 2016 reviews you should buy

#10. Sector 9 Tiffany Deck

Sector 9 Tiffany Deck

Sector 9 Tiffany deck is designed as Scoot Smith Pro Model. This skateboard deck has weight and size of 10.0 x 37.2 inches. It is an assorted color style that makes many young adults more interesting in it.  Tiffany deck has drop pocket for front foot and hold the skater rear on toes side turn. Tiffany deck will be able to offer you the feeling of secured event you slide down from the peak of the hill or wherever you go. You can be offer in that size that you want to use. we hope that you can be Buying Bear Grizzly 852 181 mm skateboard trucks (2 set) to make your skateboard deck completely. It has large degree baseplate that you can choose one which is fit with your skateboard deck.

#9. Powell-Peralta Explode Skateboard Deck

Powell-Peralta Explode Skateboard Deck

Powell-Peralta Explode Skateboard Deck is a brand skateboard that is designed by professional skaters of USA. It weighs 5.1 pounds with 32.1 x 8.1 x 3.9 inches. It has 2 colors; purple and red. You’d better buy Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow pads to protect your knee and elbow when you skate. When you order this knee and elbow pads with Powell-Peralta Explode Skateboard Deck, you will get more information if you like that product.

#8. Element Skateboard Deck Family Business Fire 8.0”with Grip tape


Let’s reduce your stress and tiredness by ride the skateboard deck from the peak of the mount. It makes you feel excited and fresh. Element skateboard deck is the main thing that can bright to the paradise of happiness. It is made by 7 ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck from an element and includes 1 sheet of Blank Diamond Grip tape. It weighs 3 pounds and sizes 8 inches. You will be offered free information if you buy this Element skateboard deck.

#7. Girl Skateboard Spike Jonze Bjork Skateboard Deck 8.37” x 31.75”

Girl Skateboards Spike Jonze Bjork Skateboard Deck - 8.37 x 31.75

This Girl Skateboard deck is the key to bringing you the good experiences of skating. Girl Skateboard deck sizes 8.37″width x 31.75’length and weighs 40 pounds. It has multi colors. You will love their lovely colors. It is a solidly produced. Girl Skateboard deck has been predrilled the holes to make skate truck assembly easily. It is sold with free shipping. what are you waiting for if you like that product! we do believe that you will chose that right thing to use as your own.

#6. Primitive Ribero Reassembled Man in Multi size 7.8

Primitive Ribero Reassembled Man In Multi Size 7.8

Skateboarding is a pleasant activity for both men and women. They always wonder what kind of skateboard deck suitable for you? Here I will suggest you one type of skateboard deck which is fit with all the men. It is weight not too light. Its size is 7.8 inches. It has multi colors for you to choose your favorite one. Come on !!! to buy Primitive Rebeiro Resembled, you will receive free shipping. Make your skateboard deck safe and longer used, buy good quality skateboard trucks and skateboard wheels.

# 5. Real skateboards Kyle Walker Poppin’ Off Low Pro 2 Assorted Veneers Skateboard Deck

Real Skateboards Kyle Walker Poppin' Off Low Pro 2 Assorted Veneers Skateboard Deck - 8.38 x 32.56

Do you want to skate with me? Hurry up to buy Real skateboards Kyle Walker Poppin’ Off Low Pro 2 for your skateboarding movement. It is a beautiful skateboard deck. It comes with the side of 8.38″x 32.56″. Please order this skateboard deck, you will be offered free shipping. Quality brand skateboard trucks and wheels make your skateboard deck stronger and skater also feel comfortable. Spend you weekend skating in the park to make yourself feel refresh from your tiredness and also cut down your stress.

#4. Powell- Peralta Lolly P Skateboard Deck

Powell-Peralta Lolly P Skateboard Deck

Powell-Peralta Lolly P Skateboard Deck is an exquisitely designed skateboard that is designed by many professional skaters. It has 2 colors; light blue and black. It has 5.4 pounds weight. It is a product of USA. You can make this skateboard deck become more secure for skaters if you add some quality skateboard Trucks and skateboard wheels. Moreover, when you skate without wearing skateboard shoes, you will cause yourself endanger.

#3.Forestone Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Natural) 8.0 inch-Deep concave

FORESTONE Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Natural)-8.0inch-Deep Concave

The skateboard deck is a key thing for the skateboarding sport. Forestone Blank Deck is a perfect skateboard deck for the skater to practice their first skateboarding and skateboard tracks. It is 100% Canadian Maple deck. It has 8 x 31.5”size and 2.8 weights. It is concave deep and it has natural colors.

#2. Moose set of 5 Blank Skateboard Decks (assorted color)

Moose Set of 5 Blank Skateboard Decks (Assorted Colors)

Moose set of 5 blank skateboard decks are the good brand products from the USA. They have assorted colors and 3 sizes of 7.5, 8, and 8.25 inches. They have 3 pounds weights for each. They are made from 7 plies pro-Canadian maple skateboard deck that added with 1 sheet of black diamond grip tape. You can choose one size of skateboard deck that fits with yourself. Complete your Moose blank skateboard deck with brand quality skateboard trucks and wheels. You can feel more comfortable with this skateboard when you have a good pair of skateboard shoes.

#1. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10” x 33”, Natural)

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10 x 33, Natural)

Have you ever skated before? If you never, I recommend you to choose Moose old school skateboard deck to start with the first time in your life. It has 3.6-pound weight and 10” x 33” size. It has 5 natural colors. It was made with perfect shrink wrap, also pre-drilled holes on the deck. It has black grip tape on the top of the deck.

The top ten best skateboards deck in 2016 reviews

According to the detail, I have informed you above; I strongly believe that you can decide easily to choose one skateboard deck that suitable to you. It will make you feel happy and you will get a good health benefit from skateboarding. Hurry up to order 1 skateboard deck from the top 10 above today to create a happy life.