6 Easy And Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Black Circle Under Eyes

Most of people know that black eye circle annoy them very much, and most of people think that get rid of black eye circle is the hard work to do. there are 6  easy and simple tips to get rid of black circle under eyes:

#6. Changing your dietary habits:

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Eating healthy food with lots of with Vitamin.

Reduce Salty food, alcohol and smoking cigarette.


#5. Changing your sleep habit:

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You should increase your sleeping time, at less 8 hours per day.

Do not sleep on your stomach or side, if you always sleep on your stomach or side you should use one more pillow to put under your shoulder to huge.


#4. Egg White:

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Break 1 egg and just take the egg with surround and apply it on your black circle eyes for 20 minutes and then clean it with fresh water your black circle under eye would be better.


#3. Use tea:

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And kind of tea after drinking it will be left of herbal that you need to use to tread you black circle eyes, you just put it on your eye for 15minute and then clean it with fresh water your black circle under eye would be better.

#2. Soothe your eye with something cold:

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Most of people think that when they sleep their eye would relax too, it not real, you eye always working, but it will relax when it get soothing cold. You should soothe your eye with something cold such as ice water, get cooling eye mask, or use a small piece of tower with water…

#1. Drink lots of water:

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You should drink at less two litter of water per day to make your body working well, the much water you drink with will go to reduce you black circle eye.

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